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Check out this guy, dudes and dudettes! I’ll tell y’all what I think later.


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I had originally intended to review last week’s result show but I had a killer week at work and ran out of time. Couple that with the fact that I’ve been on my back for three days now with a stomach virus and I’m going to keep my comments short and sweet for this week’s showcase of vocal styling from the guys — which had to be better than last week — and it WAS!


BTW – loved (tongue in cheek) the touching shout-out to Jennifer Hudson, which was more self promotion than heartfelt congrats. Guess they had to say something especially since she neglected to thank the show in any way during her acceptance speech.


So, without further ado, here’s the view from my red leather couch (under my warm quilt and propped up with pillows) for tonight:



Phil Stacey / I Ain’t Missing You – John Waite

Solid opening vocals, not doubt, I get the feeling he’s not that comfortable on stage because his movements are wooden at best and just plain awkward all of the time. Also, it’s more distracting to keep the mic plastered to your mouth – move it out of the way sometimes so we can see the facial expressions. Gotta be safe even if Simon doesn’t seem to like him.


Jared Cotter / Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

I never liked the sneakers with suit look. Now that I’ve said that, his vocals were a bit tight but his showmanship was definitely lively, getting Paula all shook up in the process. I was going to say the “K” word but Simon said it for me. Safe due to the face pull down.


A J Tabaldo /Feeling Good – Michael Buble

Well, that was a surprise! Very good vocals (a few problems but nothing major), a great song choice (wouldn’t have expected that song from him) and a solid, relaxed delivery. Good for him because I would have predicted his demise tonight since nothing I had heard up to this point impressed me. He CAN sing and I am now taking notice. Safe even if you’re not a Buble fan.


Sanjaya Malakar / Steppin’ Out – Fred Astaire et al

Dressed to impress? Didn’t expect that type of a song from him and I didn’t think it was a bad as the judges made it out to be. They are always telling the contestants to take a risk and I felt he did. It was WAAAAY better than last week’s offering but he’s just so green when it comes to performing that he lags behind the others. On the bubble because half the audience won’t be familiar with either the song or the genre – too bad.


Chris Sligh /Trouble – Ray Lamontagne

I liked the song choice, I liked the performance, I loved the dedication – 3 for 3! I thought he sang it better than Taylor and for a brief moment his vocals reminded me of Roy Orbison. I really like this guy and so far, he can sing just about anything. Safe, safe, safe AGAIN!


Nick Pedro / Fever – who hasn’t sung this?

One word – SMOOTH! I really liked it and that’s not just because he’s my homey. He got a little ahead of the music toward the end and kinda missed one of his final scats but the whole package was solid. He has such a nice tone to his voice and I’m glad he showed it off in spades tonight. Note to Simon – Nick’s a Portuguese guy from my area and while you think he has a charisma problem I’m just glad he’s not cocky and strutting is stuff constantly (Nick will know what I mean). He’d better be safe OR ELSE I will hunt you all down for not voting – where’s my phone??


Blake Lewis / Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai (who?)

Beatbox boy is back and that had to be the strongest vocal of the night!!! The scat was prime and he is so comfortable on stage it’s insane! He’s a big time contender and a lock for the Top 12. Now, can someone explain to me just who this Jamiroquai is…? So safe it’s ridiculous.


Brandon Rogers / Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

Uh, nice dedication but WRONG song choice! I didn’t like it AT ALL because it did nothing for him vocally or performance wise. He’s not standing out from the pack and won’t be around for next week based on that showing. Should be going buh-bye after that.


Chris Richardson / Geek in the Pink – Jason Mraz

Nice tone but tight (and not in a good way) in too many spots. First time I’ve totally DISagreed with our judges this season. I wasn’t impressed. Period. I’d could see him leave but he probably won’t.


Sundance Head / Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett

That performance should get him out of VOTE FOR THE WORST this week! A very strong performance that he needed to get him out of the slump he was in. He does have powerful, bluesy vocals and he needs to choose songs, no matter what genre, that capitalize on that. Safe on his own merits.


To sum it up, the boys brought their “A” game finally and it gave us all a great show to watch. IDOL is BACK, my friends (I was getting a tad worried…)!


My choices for “das boot” this evening? Brandon & Sanjaya And since I went 0 for 4 last week I wouldn’t go by me at this point in the game…


Carry on!

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Well, kiddies, anything HAD to be better than last night’s snoozefest and by golly the gals did NOT disappoint!  Many more contenders than pretenders brought their A game and that’s a good thing because for the first time since the show started I was beginning to lose interest.  Not that seeing Ryan and Simon go at it verbally isn’t entertaining enough (it’s not, really) but I love AI because it is a SINGING COMPETITION!!!!!  Hear that, producers — a SINGING COMPETITION!!!!   Just thought I’d reiterate that little fact. 


Anywho, here’s tonight’s view from my red leather couch thanks to my DVR that just loves to fast forward through the endless commercials:


Stephanie Edwards – Age: 19

Hometown: Savannah, GA

New chick on the block with supportive parents.


How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore – Alicia Keys


Having heard very little from this one prior to tonight, I really liked what I heard from this college girl.  Strong opening performance, great song choice, and a good, solid vocal tone to match.   She’s got some jazz and blues colors to her sound and that could help her with many of the upcoming genre nights.  Put this child into the safe column for tonight and I’m looking forward to much more from her in the coming weeks.


Amy Krebs – Age: 22

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

All eyes are on her first time for sure!


I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt


Nervous and pitchy won’t get this gal to the next round, that’s for sure.  She did better in her higher register but bottomed out too much down low.  A poor song choice and a forgettable performance from one we haven’t seen much of.  On a bubble that might just burst by tomorrow night.


Leslie Hunt – Age: 24

Hometown: Chicago, IL

The dog walker.


Natural Woman -Aretha Franklin


Wrong, wrong, WRONG SONG!!!!!   I really liked her voice when I heard her during the Hollywood Round but, and I hate to say this, she was a little too white to sing this song — in sound and delivery.  Kelly sang the crap out of this is Season One and she came nowhere NEAR that experience.   I am afraid for her after this performance and I agree with Simon that she looked and sounded uncomfortable.  Will be on the bubble but shouldn’t be.


Sabrina Sloan – Age: 27

Hometown: Studio City, CA

The valley girl.


I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You – Aretha Franklin


WHOA!  This gal is a force to be reckoned with onstage.  Her persona is outrageous, her voice, while a little to nasal for my taste, is solid and strong and she could sell a song to a deaf person.  She certainly did her homework and came out swinging.  I’d keep me eye on her, that’s for sure.  Safe, safe, and more safe.


Antonella Barba – Age: 20

Hometown: Port Pleasant, NJ

Jersey girl with attitude.


Don’t Want to Miss a Thing -Aerosmith


Something tells me she just missed her chance to go onto the next round. Bad song choice, pitchy and overly nervous, no emotion — what else can I say?  Bailey Brown should have stayed over this gal based on this performance.  Send this chick home in a body bag – NOW!


Jordin Sparks – Age: 17

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Youngest gal with a famous NFL dad.


Gimme One Reason to Stay Here – Tracy Chapman


She reminds me of a younger, hipper Kim Locke and she can wail out a tune at all of 17 years old.  I like her sense of humor as well – just a tad giggly but she IS a high school junior.  She took a big risk with this song but I’m not sure this was the best song for her to show off everything she’s got.  That said, she pulled off enough to make the judges take notice in a positive way.  She held her own and she should be safe.


Nicole Tranquillo – Age: 20

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

The hard working voice major.


Stay -Erykah Badu


Why are all these white girls trying to get their funk on?  I’m not getting it.  Yeah, she’s got a great range and she showed it off but it was the WRONG SONG for her. I agree with the self-indulgent comment from Simon – looked to me as if she just wanted to sing this song on TV. Period.  I’d like to hear her do something else before I write her off.   Probably safe but who knows?


Haley Scarnato – Age: 24

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

The wedding singer.


All Coming Back to Me – Celine Dion


Does this make sense – I thought she was singing too pretty for this song?  Maybe it’s the wedding singer in her but her smiley performance didn’t  match the pathos of the lyrics.  The breathy, pitchy ending didn’t do much for me either.  PS — watch those 40’s comments, Brit!  Should be safe because she’s pretty but I’d lose her quickly based on what I heard.


Melinda Doolittle – Age: 29

Hometown: Brentwood, TN

The early front runner


Since You’ve Been Gone – Aretha Franklin


Now THAT’S singing!  How great was THAT?  She blew most of the contestants out of the water and she’s too legit to quit!   Grade A performance from a singer who definitely knows her strengths and weaknesses and is a sweet, unassuming person to boot!  Safe with a capital S due to her incredible, God-given talent.


Alaina Alexander – Age: 24

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Who is the chick?


Brass in Pocket – The Pretenders


Did she just pretend to sing that badly?  Ouch!  My ears are still bleeding and there is nothing about her delivery that could even remotely redeem her in my eyes and ears.   As Hall and Oates sang – “She’s GONE…”


Gina Glocksen – Age: 22

Hometown: Naperville, IL

It’s about time.


All By Myself – Eric Carmen


Ok, I get her now – she’s just redeemed herself with me.  That was a kick a$$ performance and I liked it.  Perfect song for her but the money note was a tad screechy.  This just might be her time.   Safe for sure.


 Lakisha Jones – Age: 27

Hometown: Fort Meade, MD

You can take this voice to the bank.


And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – Dreamgirls /Jennifer Holiday


Was this a little dig at our gal Jennifer Hudson on the eve of her Oscar win?  Hummm…  She sang the stuffing out of that song and was very good but NOT as good Miss Hudson.  Sorry.  I felt a little disconnect with the words at one point so the others need not book their plane tickets home YET — but they should watch their backs.   She’s a big time contenda and could be one of the one’s to beat. 



To sum it up, I think the boys need to go back to the drawing board and come out swinging next week if they even THINK they have a chance at winning this competition.  The girls displayed much more depth of talent and personality – even a few of the ones we had never really heard of before tonight.  Again it’s going to come down to who can intelligently choose the right song to showcase their strengths — just ‘cuz you like a song don’t mean you should sing it in public!  I think this competition just got interesting.


“And in the end…”  my choices for my infamous “das boot” for this week are:


Guys —

Sanjaya & Sundance

Gals —

Antonella & Alaina


Let’s see how I do this year…I’m not holding my breath or anything like that…


Carry on!

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Hola, Dudes and Dudettes!
There’s only one way to watch a two hour commercial heavy episode of AI — TiVo it and speed through all the crap to get to the performances! That’s exactly what I had to do tonight due to my work schedule and will have to again tomorrow. Actually, I’m starting to prefer this method when the producers try to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a good thing. Sometimes too much of a good think is just TOO MUCH.


Here’s the view from my red leather couch on this the first night of the REAL competition (and it’s about time, too!):



Rudy Cardenas – Age: 28

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Admits to being a professional musician — and we don’t all eat ramen noodles, OK?


Free Ride – The Edgar Winter Group


His diction was questionable but that could have been because of his accent. He’s a lightweight in the voice department but he’s comfortable on stage. The performance? As Simon would say “karaoke” but with energy. I agree he’s not unique but I disagree with the song choice — I thought it made for a good opener but it’s not a showcase song for sure. Could be on the bubble for next week just because he was the first of twelve.



Brandon Rogers – Age: 29

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

The backup singer takes center stage.


Rock With You – Michael Jackson


I liked the original take on the beginning of this old song but then it got predictable. I’m not blown away with his voice — too breathy for a male singer — but his delivery is smooth and polished. I agree with Randy’s pitchy call and with the “too many runs” call. I disagree with Simon on how safe the song was because he ran the risk of being compared with MJ. I think he’s safe for now.



Sundance Head – Age: 28

Hometown: Porter, TX

Hasn’t done much since first audition


Knights in White Satin — Moody Blues


This was a VERY interesting song choice but I don’t think it worked in his favor. Sounded like he was going for the Il Divo groove and failed. I really liked him in the beginning but now I’m seeing that he may not be able to match that level of singing unless he gives himself a good swift kick in the ego. Another lightweight voice that was just a tad under at times. On the bubble but may have the fans to pull it out this week.



Paul Kim – Age: 25

Hometown: Saratoga, CA

The shoeless pool boy.


Careless Whispers – George Michael


What is it with all these boys and their pitchy performances? Ouch. And he didn’t breath well enough to get into his falsetto for the high part. Sad. Could it just have been a run of bad song choices? This song needs a stronger vocal and his voice was too delicate. He’s “Shoeless Joe” shtick should buy him another week.



Chris Richardson – Age: 22

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

First time we got to hear him after three tries.


I Don’t Want to Be – Gavin DeGraw


I am NOT impressed with the quality of his voice but at least he was upbeat. He sounded like a weak Timberflake to me. Doesn’t impress me as a rocker either. Not digging these boys AT ALL tonight. Might be safe because folks will want to give him another chance due to no face time up to now.



Nick Pedro – Age: 25

Hometown: Taunton, MA

The hometown boy makes good — I hope!


Now and Forever – Richard Marx


Good song choice for his light, tenor voice with a solid, if a tad cheesy, delivery. Actually it was a safe song for him and for once Simon was right — it wasn’t that bad! He was obviously nervous, as they all were, but he held it together a little better. Gets my vote this week due to the “homey” factor but won’t continue to get it if he can’t bring it to the next level.



Blake Lewis – Age: 25

Hometown: Bothell, WA

Beatbox boy is back!


Somewhere Only We Know – Keane


It’s an overabundance of tenors this season but this one stands out as a solid performer with a strong voice. I liked it, even if I wasn’t familiar with the song or the artist. Paula was right — he was cool. Losing the beatbox worked to his advantage, IMHO. He’s a contenda for sure and will be safe.



Sanjaya Malakar – Age: 17

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Our youngest male competitor.


Knocks Me Off My Feet – Stevie Wonder


This kid is good but the song was a little above him. I also don’t want to see him pigeonholed into either the Stevie Wonder or Wacko Jacko songs all season but I do like the tone quality in his voice. On the bubble but might win tonight’s sympathy vote due to his inexperience.



Chris Sligh – Age: 28

Hometown: Greenville, SC

The early front runner


Typical – MuteMath


I liked the performance and I thought he sang better than most of the others who had taken the stage before him. He’s seasoned, sassy and not afraid to do his own thing. If he doesn’t make the Top 12 there is something wrong with America. One thing – I’ve never heard of that song or the group so I MUST be getting old…waaaaah! Safe with a capital S due in part to his already large fan base.



Jared Cotter – Age: 25

Hometown: Kew Gardens, NY

The clean slate. And he got fired for auditioning?


Back at One — Brian McKnight


He started off really good but lost some steam coming into the home stretch. He has a smooth vocal tone and he is a pretty boy (my hubby’s assessment) so he should make it to next week. I want to hear him again because there might be more there than what we heard tonight. Should be safe due to the “Guarini” factor.



A J Tabaldo – Age: 22

Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

Another hidden talent – if at first you don’t succeed, try four more times!


Never Too Much – Luther Vandross


Another lightweight tenor — what exactly were the judges listening for this year? He performed well and it was a safe song choice for his abilities. But I could tell that after five tries he was going to make the most of this chance in the limelight and he succeeded. Should be safe due in part to his tenacious back-story.


Phil Stacey – Age: 29

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Proud papa!


I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin McCain


Well, maybe not the best of the night but he did pull it out from a very shaky beginning (Simon and I are agreeing again – and this early in the season too!). I liked the fact that he’s NOT a tenor and that only makes him stand out from the pack. I also found that he actually had some interesting colors in his vocal palette so hopefully that will pull him through. Should be safe because he was last in everyone’s memory and did well enough.



To sum it up, I wasn’t overly impressed with the guys as a whole and found them to be the weakest group of the six seasons. There are a few standouts but unless I hear some real improvement over the next few weeks, I have a feeling that a gal might have the best chance at winning this season. We shall see, I guess!


Carry on!

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So, tonight we watched the Final 40 become the Top 24.  Surprises?  We had a few.  But, then again, too few to mention (I couldn’t resist).  Seriously, let’s take a look at the REAL American Idol 6 Top 24:



Alaina Alexander

This one will go home in the first round – not impressed with her voice or delivery from the little I heard

Antonella Barba

While I like her, there may have been others who deserved the spot this year instead of her.  She DID forget the words a bit too much and if she continues she won’t last long. Two words: Melissa McGee

Melinda Doolittle

So glad she continued to do well in Hollywood.  She is top 12 material for sure.

Stephanie Edwards

Another one I was not impressed with.  Maybe I’ll change my mind with a longer listen next week?

Gina Glocksen

This year’s Amy Adams and I’m still not getting all excited about her. 

Leslie Hunt

Where has this one been hiding?  She has a nice alto voice and I WAS impressed.  I want to hear more and wonder why they kept her under wraps until now.

Lakisha Jones

I like this one — she has moxie and a very grounded attitude.  Another top 12 contender.

Amy Krebs

As Randy would say, “just aiiight.” Nothing to write home about.

Hailey Scarnato

She was good but there’s something about her that doesn’t draw me in.  Maybe that will change.  Maybe not.

Sabrina Sloan

I predict this one will go home in the second round. Nothing special here.

Jordin Sparks

She’s his year’s Princess P without the ‘tude.  I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far but since she is the youngest, I believe, she will be dealing with more pressure than she’s probably used to.  I hope she can pull it out to make the Top 12.

Nicole Tranquillo

Another hidden talent and I liked what I heard.  Looking forward to hearing more.



Rudy Cardenas

Cute, in that boy band sorta way, and can sing.  Should do well with the viewers.  I’m not sure if I like him or not

Jared Cotter

I really don’t like having someone in the Top 24 that we really haven’t heard before.  Doesn’t seem fare to him or the viewers. 

Sundance Head

I’m not sure he really earned his spot but I’m kinda glad he made it because I like his style.  We’ll see if he can deliver the goods to go further.

Paul Kim

I really like him because he’s a little different from the others.  I wonder if he’ll have enough support to get him to the Top 12 since he’s had limited exposure?

Blake Lewis

The beat box boy made it!  Woo hoo!  Now, can he sing his way into the Top 12?  I hope so.

Sanjaya Malakar

He’s got the purest tenor voice in the competition and I think he’s the youngest of the guys so he’ll have plenty of pressure to be good.  He’s a fan favorite from what I can see so at least he’ll have the backing for awhile.

Nick Pedro

I love it when another homey makes good!  That the 2nd one in the Top 24 in 2 years.  I’m looking forward to seeing him make it to the Top 12 because he’s just enough of a chameleon singer to pull it off.

Chris Richardson

Brendan Rogers

Can’t judge these two because I really haven’t heard enough.  Ugh.

Chris Sligh

This year’s Taylor Hicks but with a killer sense of humor and a slightly better voice.  He’ll need it to take all the crap Simon will sling at him.  I predict this one will go at least into the Top 5. 

Phil Stacy

I like his voice but can he bring it every week, especially with a newborn?  We shall see.

AJ Tabaldo

Again, another one I can’t judge because of lack of air time.  I hate that!


Now, there are a few that, IMHO, should have made it instead of some others:


Matt Buckstein

Did they only bring him back because of last year’s appearances or was he good enough to go this far?  Or did they not want a country singer this year?  Hey, at least Carrie thanked them when she won the Grammys…

Marissa Rhodes

I really liked what I heard from her and she was certainly better than at least 4 of the ones who did make it.  I don’t know what the judges are looking for sometimes.

Tommy Daniels

I want him to come back next year and try again.  I liked him and I would have chosen him over some of the other boys.  Again, I don’t get it.


Well, there are our Top 24 for this season.  Next week the REAL fun begins. I can’t wait!!!


 Hopefully I will be able to start cranking out my video podcasts to coincide with the next phase of the competition but if, for some reason, it doesn’t happen I will definitely launch the broadcasts by the beginning of the Top 12.  You know how real life can be…


Carry on!

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“I saw some things tonight I’ve never seen

Things are going on I can’t believe

I get this crazy feeling I should leave

No one goes but me



It was a Hollywood situation

It was a Hollywood situation

I am a Hollywood sensation” (Hollywood Situation by the Hudson Brothers)




I read in many places that Nigel Lytgoe stated that the show was only spending one night on the Hollyweird auditions because the weren’t exciting. I don’t believe that for a second. These are the same dumb a** folks who think that spending SEVEN nights on BAD auditions makes for better TV. Puleeze. We got the bum’s rush through four days of competition and, frankly, I would have loved to have heard and seen at least as much as last year. I went back to my notes from Season 5’s “Hell Week” and there was plenty more material to work with. We got gypped, that’s for sure! I think it’s about time the public starts voting with their TV’s and letting the Idol PTB know that their constant “bait and switch” is getting lame.



Because of the lack of real musical moments to work with, I’m going to use the 2 leaked Top 24 lists I posted and match them against what happened in this episode. Let’s start with the one I posted along with my notes on the Birmingham audition —



1. – Sanjaya Malakar

Yep, we had to endure the heartbreak of his sister not making the cut and I knew that would happen. He was the better of the two and since there were twice as many gals as guys, I was sure that all the really good guys would stick around.

2. – Sundance Head

Ouch — they should have trucked out last year’s constant drone “Bad Day” for this dude. Here’s a very talented guy who started doing the choke when he needed to step up his game — at least that’s what they showed us. However, when I saw him in the “these folks are safe” room, I figured he pulled it out in the end. Besides, they needed all the very talented guys…

3. – Phil Stacy

            He wasn’t highlighted and I’m not sure I saw him. I heard he was

possibly disqualified so I’ll be interested in seeing how this plays out tomorrow night.

4. – Matthew Buckstein

            He’s baaaaack but we didn’t hear him sing. Hummmm…

5. – Thomas Daniels

           Another one not heard from.

6. – Nick Pedro

Heard him a little but I’ve got a good feeling — that, and the fact that

my local Fox station is starting to feature him like they did Ayla Brown last season.

7. – Chris Sligh

            Was there ever a doubt about him? Watch this one very carefully…

8. – Chris Richardson

9. – Brandon Rogers

Two more not heard from. Not sure what that means.

10. – Rudy Cardenas

11. – Blake Lewis

12. – Tom Lowe

These 3 were part of the foursome (along with Chris Sligh) that WOWed the judges in the group audition and this was the first time we heard Tom Lowe (who is now rumored to be someone who was planted by Simon) actually sing — and there wasn’t much to go by.  If you really want to hear him sing then scroll down this blog for the You Tube video of his audition that was not shown in the States but was viewed in the UK version of the show. There’s something about that boy that doesn’t sit right with me and I wonder if the producers are doing something on purpose to spice up the show. Can’t they just leave well enough alone and concentrate on the SINGING COMPETITION aspect??




1. – Denise Jackson

I believe she was the crack baby — didn’t see her.

2. – Melinda Doolittle

We saw her happy face but did not hear her sing. Too bad — I like her

a lot and she’s another one to watch.

3. – Leslie ?


4. – Gina Glockshen

I can’t figure out why folks are so high on her? She’s an ok singer,

looks like a rocker and has a “take no prisoners” personality. Hasn’t

made an impression musically on me yet and didn’t impress me

overall last year.

5. – Perla Meneses

SOOOOOOO glad to see this one take a walk. The Shakira clone was

starting to get on my last nerve.

6. – Anna Kearnes


7. – Antonella Barba

I’m not happy that the producers tried to make her look as shallow and callous as her gal pal Amanda (who I was HAPPY to see get “das boot” after her remarks about Baylie Brown). This gal has real talent and could make the Top 12 — unless THEY don’t want her to. Here we go again…

8. – Jordin Sparks

9. – Heather Reed

10. – Laura Gossett

We may have seen them fly by in montages but didn’t hear from them. I still want to hear more from Jordin because I really liked what I saw the first time.

11. – Jory Steinberg

This was the shock of the night for me. I thought for sure this gal was a lock on the 24 because of her past and the fact that she fit the pop diva mold. Who knew the judges would pass on this one.

12. – April Walsh





Now I’ll comment on the other list I posted — but only those who I haven’t talked about above:




* Top 24 spoiled by RickyHoeGuardian



1. A.J. Tabaldo — who?

2. Blake Lewis — can a beat boxer make it to the Top 12? I wonder…

3. Brandon Rogers***

4. Chris Sligh***

5. Christopher “Chris” Richardson***

6. Jared “J.L.” Cotter — did see or hear this one

7. Jason “Sundance” Head***

8. Nicholas “Nick” Pedro***

9. Paul Kim — I really liked him and saw him in the “good” room so I have a good feeling.

10. Rudolpho “Rudy” Cardenas***

11. Sanjaya Malakar***

12. Philip “Phil” Joel Stacey (Possibly Disqualified) – now, I’ve heard that

he actually was brought back to replace a disqualified Tommy Daniels, so

which one is it?





1. Alaina Alexander

2. Amy — Not sure who these gals are

3. Antonella Barba***

4. Gina Glocksen***

5. Hailey/Haley — ah, the wedding singer with cleavage. Missed her in all the rush…

6. Jordin Sparks***

7. Lakeesha Young

8. Leslie Hunt — nada on them either

9. Melinda Doolittle ***

10 Nicole

11. Sabrina Scherff/Sloan

12. Stephanie Edwards — these last three are new, I think.




Now, there are some fan favs still unaccounted for: what about Rachel Zevita, the opera student who could see just about anything? Of that cute adopted boy Jenry Bejarano? Also, while we did see Sean Michel before the group round, I didn’t notice him in any of the rooms — did he make it through to the 40? I’m beginning to think that the producers are losing touch with what the viewer REALLY want to see and are only concentrating on what THEY think makes good TV. I’d be careful here because viewers will start to tune out.


Perhaps the folks at realitytvmagazine.com are right — maybe the show needs to bring back the Wild Card Round!! Remember Clay Aiken? He was brought back after being cut in the Top 32 and made it to runner up in Season 2. THAT’S good TV!




BTW, I feel bad that Baylie was cut after the “group from hell” round. She’s only 16 and it was obvious to me that she choked under pressure but it’s unfortunate that she ended up with a gal in her group who was out for herself and her friend (maybe) and thought she was good enough to sink someone she saw as a threat, which is what she did. I hope Baylie puts it all together, tries out again next year and sings the socks off of the judges.




Can’t wait to see how tonight unfolds. Carry on, my valentines, until then!

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The best of the rest of best of the worst — OK, I’ve had my FILL of auditions! Can we PLEASE move on to the COMPETITION!!!! The producers of this show really get their jollies from milking the bad, the sad and the just plain idiotic while occasionally throwing in a good audition.  Tonight, again, was no exception…


Christa Fazzino — Fashionista

Her clothes definitely reflected her vocal prowess — mismatched and misdirected.


Tami Gosnell — Cabbie to the Stars

Cross between Gretchen Wilson and Bo Bice in the voice and delivery departments.  Needs an infusion of color in the clothes but that can be added later.  I like this one and I’ll keep my eye on her to see if she can sing the other genres.


Paul Kim — The Pool Boy

This boy can SANG!  A little too boy band sounding for me but he has the pipes to go far in this competition.  He certainly is NOT a William Hung clone, that’s for sure!


Jack OdanovichHe’s no Bo Bice

Colorless tone that sounded like nails on a blackboard.  Wasn’t sure if he could carry a tune but no matter – he’s not going anywhere near Hollywood. 


Gina Glocksen Simon’s Love Slave

I got distracted by the tattoos but she does have a soulful, dark tone quality and maybe this year will bring her better luck.  The third time just might be the charm.


Edward Sanchez — Paula’s Biggest Fan

I’m not sure he even knew the tune to Richie Valens’ DONNA but I think he just wanted to meet Paula.  The singing was secondary and certainly abysmal. 


And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Car Hops!


Heather Rennie

Slightly pitchy but an aiiight voice.  Nothing to write home about so I knew Hollywood was not in her future.

Ashley Cleland

I liked her tone, much better than the 1st one, and she was more connected with her song choice.  I agree she was wearing too much makeup but she was pretty enough to get the golden ticket.

Ebony Jointer

Now THAT’S some good singing — smooth, soulful and a surprisingly original rendition of a worn out audition song.  She’s one to watch as we proceed forward to Hollywood.


Now, back to our regular irregular auditioners…


Faithon Goodingthe Do Whopper

Do, do , DO stop singing and leave…


Melissa FerlaakDas Valkyrie rides again!

Was that a bad attempt at opera?  All she needed were the horns and the blonde braids.  Double ouch!


Brandon ReidTakin’ the Rap

White boys can’t do rap.  Period. 


William E Samland IIIWes was ready to rock…

…but none of us listening wanted to roll along with that bad sound (and I don’t mean bad in a good way).  And he’s cutting a CD?  Oy.


Alexander Nazario — Flexible Paula Fan

They do NOT know what to do with guys that have high falsettos.  His accent was a bit too thick for his diction but he could sing, just not AI level.  The producers should state that high male voices need not apply.


Lakisha JonesBig Mama

One big a** voice with a large on stage persona.  This one will make the Top 12 for sure – I have no doubt.  I just hope she can handle being away from her little girl.  We’ve lost a few good singers over the last few seasons that way.  Understandable but regrettable.


So, I’m spent.  I want me some Hollywood week NOW!  In the meantime, here are some more predictions for the Top 24.  See if your favorites have made this list:


* Top 24 spoiled by RickyHoeGuardian

1. A.J. Tabaldo
2. Blake Lewis
3. Brandon Rogers
4. Chris Sligh
5. Christopher “Chris” Richardson
6. Jared “J.L.” Cotter
7. Jason “Sundance” Head
8. Nicholas “Nick” Pedro
9. Paul Kim
10. Rudolpho “Rudy” Cardenas
11. Sanjaya Malakar
12. Philip “Phil” Joel Stacey (Possibly Disqualified)

1. Alaina Alexander
2. Amy
3. Antonella Barba
4. Gina Glocksen
5. Hailey/Haley
6. Jordin Sparks
7. Lakeesha Young
8. Leslie Hunt
9. Melinda Doolittle
10 Nicole
11. Sabrina Scherff/Sloan
12. Stephanie Edwards


Carry on!

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Well, kiddies, tonight was the LAST of the audition cities but NOT the last of the auditions.  We will have to endure one more night of bad singers, weird hairdos, folks who need attitude adjustments, Paula looking downright strange and even more of Simon looking totally bored.  They’re calling it THE BEST OF THE REST — I call it more of the same…


I can’t stand it anymore!!  Bring on the REAL competition, PLEASE????


Anyway, San Antonio continued to prove that no one really knows which door to leave the audition by this season.  Tonight’s two-stepping idol wannabes include the following:


Brian Kyrish “Love me or hate me”

I could have done without that Rebel Yell-er.  My ears are still ringing.  Ouch.


Hailey ScarnatoThe Wedding Singer

Good looking and good sounding.  Didn’t need the outfit to get my attention, that’s for sure.  I like her voice, her attitude and I don’t understand why they get on a lot of the good singers for being “cabaret?”  There is NOTHING wrong with that!!!  Sheesh.  Anyway, I’d watch this one.


Jasmine HollandShy (?) Choir Singer

There are folks who sing better in a group than solo and she would be one of them.  Didn’t need the attitude but to be fair, the judges really need to curb their laughter during an audition.  That nasty habit just annoys the heck out of me. 


Baylie Brown“Thank God, I’m a Country Girl”

Nice, pure tone but needs some work.  She’s got the look, however, and that’s what got her the golden ticket.  Will get chewed up in Hollywood for sure.


William GreenThe Hulk-y Cousin

A very low “Johnny One Note” with no vocal personality and a very S-L-O-W delivery.  Very much the comedian, however — I liked the way he exited so as to “keep face.”  Even the judges liked it but it did scare his cousin.


Akron WatsonThe Other Cousin

Now this boy CAN sing!  Good thing he got a second chance because he showed more personality and vocal prowess on “Let’s Get it On.”  Could be a dark horse in Hollywood.


Sandie ChavezSinger to the Mayors

Did she even know the tune to that song?  I used to like Black Velvet but not anymore. 


Ashlyn CarrBeaten up for her art

I liked her delivery and stage presence and agree with Simon that she is a good singer but needs more coaching.  I can say that her “distracting” features did not harm her vocal production but can be annoying to some.  Hopefully she’ll clean up her act before Hollywood because I agree that there is something special about her.


Jacob TutorSnake charmer?

Flat tone but can hold a tune.  Since this isn’t Metal Idol I think not.  Maybe he should try ROCKSTAR next season?  If Lukas Rossi can win there, anyone can.


Jimmy McNeal Throwback to the 50’s singer

I liked him!!!  I liked him!!!  Very smooth singer with a great stage presence.  I hope he does well in Hollywood.



I’ll be continuing my mantra — “one more audition show” — until tomorrow night.  I can’t WAIT for Hollywood week, can you?  I haven’t heard too much more on the Top 24 but I’m still keeping my ears and eyes open for any info.  Check back to see what I come up with…


Carry on!

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Given the way my real life has be running lately, I honestly thought this was the last night of the bad auditions. So, when they showed the previews for next week’s trip to San Antonio, I just about jumped out of my skin. I don’t know about y’all but I’ve had quite enough of catwailing and sob stories to last a decade, maybe more.

Just keep saying to yourself — “it’s only one more…it’s only one more…” So far it’s working for me but check back on Monday to see if it’s been successful. 😉

Anyway, let’s get to the business at hand — last night’s offerings from LA LA Land:

Martik Manoukian Jack of all Trades, Master of NONE

Am I supposed to be impressed with his cat-like proweness? As Shania says: “That don’t impress me much!” Hubby says this guy beats William Hung by a mile. I say the boy is absolutely delusional. Agree? I thought so…



Sholandric Stallworth – Issac Hayes Clone / Julio Ingelses Wannabe

Whenever your listening to this dude, get out the earplugs! Ouch. As Freddie Mercury said: “Another one bites the dust.”



Marianna RiccioDaughter of a Golddigger

Bad song choice and a worse job at begging. Even Mom knew when to throw in the towel. Take it like a (wo)man and leave with dignity, young grasshopper…



Alaina AlexanderStruggling Artist

Bluesy sound, exotic looking but a tiny, thin voice. Not sure she’ll make it past the Hollywood Round but she was the best so far (and that’s not saying much).



Phuong PhamAsian Female Taylor Clone

That was a total mess. No rhythm, no tone, and the weirdest diction I’ve heard in years.



Brandon RogersBackup Singer for the Stars

Step up to the front, young man! Smooth, polished and heartfelt. Pleasant personality as well. No wonder he’s rumored to be in the Top 24. Let’s see if that rumor stands to be true…



Brian Miller Try, try again!

Handsome, sweet sounding tenor and it doesn’t surprise me that Simon found him forgettable (hint – he’s not a good looking GIRL!). Let’s hope he can do better this year in the Hollywood round this time.



Sherman Pore – Sentimental Guy

This guy’s clip will be on every news show for the rest of the week and he’s the perfect reason why there should be a Senior Edition of AI. He actually had a good voice for his age and the back story was made for TV. The judges were a classy in their response to him and that made me take back some (just some) of the nasty things I’ve said about them over the years.



Cavet Carr – The Girlfriend

I have no clue what song that was but it was horrendous, as was the outfit. “Love bears all things…,” I suppose.



Darold GrayThe Boyfriend

Just a tad tone deaf, I’m afraid. At least they still have each other. Wonder if their kids will sound like them when they grow up?



Anthony Adams –

Well, I didn’t get a chance to fully experience this hopeful’s “talent” because my FOX station chose that particular moment to run a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. From what I could see on the screen, it appears I didn’t miss much.



Eric Mueller Cartoon Voice

That’s not even a countertenor — that’s just freaky and about as nasal as you can get. Holy Moly! But here’s the kicker — he was learning how to sing using Randy and Paula’s video? Double ouch.



Ok, that’s all the news fit to print at the moment. Hey! How about some more COMMENTS on here? I want to get into some good discussion but I’m still kinda talking to myself. What say ye? Help distract me from my real life, OK?


Carry on!

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