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It finally happened.

I was lucky for 15 years.

I knew I couldn’t avoid it forever.

So far, I’m doing OK but it’s been rough going.

No, this has NOTHING to do with Clay, but I have lost some of him in the process.

Having a tough time following this? Well, let me put it simply…


Considering I’ve only had the thing for 11 months and the motherboard crashed in January, I had a sick feeling that something else might go wrong – and it did – 2 days before the start of my 1st vacation in 2 years. That’s been my luck of late but I’m thankful we have a desktop as well as my PDA to keep me “hooked up” to the world. Just call me the “Gadget Queen!” 😉

Anyway, all this drama is to let you know that my online time will be limited this coming week due to this minor glitch and the aforementioned vacation. Those of you who have been with me this past year have some idea of the difficulties I have faced both in my work and at home. I thank God – and my meds – for getting me through it but I am starting to feel physically spent so this coming week should help me recharge a bit. I think the hour ride to and from work is sapping most of my energy or at the very least robbing me of some down time and the older I get, the more I need to balance work and play. However, I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being a dull girl… 😉

So, if things get a little quiet around here, fear not! Once I’m up and running again I’ll be back to my old ways of stirring up trouble and giving everyone my opinions – whether they want them or not! Stay tuned!

Carry on!

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