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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28  /PRNewswire/ — American Idol Rewind is back, and this time the popular syndicated series will highlight Season 2, the year that put American Idol on the map with legendary talent and unprecedented ratings. Premiering Saturday, September 29th in most syndicated markets nationwide, American Idol Rewind will feature an introduction from Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, narration by runner-up Clay Aiken and the best never-before-seen clips and interviews to-date.


This year on American Idol Rewind, viewers will get to see all-new, exclusive interviews with over 30 contestants from Season 2 as they sit down and reveal what it was like to be a part of the American Idol experience. American Idol Rewind will catch up with Top 12 contestants — Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke, Josh Gracin, Trenyce (Cobbins), Carmen Rasmusen, Kimberly Caldwell, Rickey Smith, Corey Clark, Julia DeMato, Charles Grigsby and Vanessa Olivarez — as they reveal their personal take on what really happened during Season 2 and how they felt during the audition process and Hollywood Rounds.  Rewind will also highlight other Idol contestants who made it through to Hollywood, along with those who failed “spectacularly,” and will recap the episodes that helped secure everyone’s favorite series into television history.


In the September 29th premiere, viewers are greeted by Idol winner Ruben Studdard as he introduces the new season.  Viewers will then hear from runner-up Clay Aiken, as he guides us through all seven audition cities and looks back on where American Idol Season 2 began its new search for the next music superstar.  In New York City, Simon, Paula and Randy have high expectations, hoping the city that never sleeps will provide a wealth of talent.  Between the bad and the very bad, it doesn’t take long before the judges let the contestants know what awaits them in the audition room if they can’t deliver.  Some will make it through, others will head home and, in the tradition of American Idol, everyone will walk away with something to say.


American Idol Rewind is nationally syndicated and premieres on Saturday, September 29th.  Airtime varies by market; check local listings or visit http://www.tvguide.com/listings for more information.


American Idol Rewind is produced by American Idol producers FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment and distributed by Tribune Entertainment.


Pasted from <http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/news_press_release,187978.shtml>


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I was just made aware of this interesting development (actually, I found it in USA Today Online)- check it out…


It’s Season 2 of ‘American Idol’ all over again


LlrubenstuddardAmerican Idol fan alert: Saturday is the premiere of syndicated series American Idol Rewind. This year, the show will highlight Season 2 of American Idol. Rewind is hosted by Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard (shown here in a photo from earlier this month at a St. Louis event) and narrated by runner-up Clay Aiken. It will feature new interviews with more than 30 contestants, including Frenchie Davis and Julia DeMato, and will highlight new footage and clips from the season. Check local listings for air time.

By Tom Gannam, AP


So THAT’S what the Aikenmeister and the Rubinator have been up to lately! Stay tuned…I have a feeling this season of Rewind will be the most watched EVAH!

It’s deja vu all over again!



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With the 7th Season of American Idol looming the distance, the Rewind of Season 2 just about to premiere, and other Idol competitions going on continually around the globe, I’ve been doing some thinking about the franchise in general and our version in particular. From what I’ve read, not all Idol competitions are conducted in the same way – for example, contestants in other countries are allowed to play instruments while performing. Also, over the last 6 seasons, there has been a lot of adjustments made in the American format, some good and others not so good.

Since the last season brought much criticism and lower ratings, perhaps this is a good time for the average fan like myself to play “Thursday morning director” and make some suggestions as to how the show can improve before it begins its next outing. Who knows – maybe someone will be listening…?

Here are three suggestions for the honorable producers to consider – if they haven’t already done so:

1) Bring back the Wildcard round!
I believe this step in the competition was used for the first 3 seasons and then dropped in favor of the 12 guys/12 girls elimination. I think it could still be used because it could give one guy and gal, particularly one who may not have gotten a lot of air time up to this point, another chance at the final 12. Remember, if it weren’t for the wildcard, Clay Aiken would never have made the finals in Season 2.

2) Bring back the Guest Judge/Mentor!
I know I’m bias but Barry Manilow is the best example of this. When he was asked to be a judge in Season 3 he asked if he could work with the contestants and the rest is Idol history. However, probably because of Simon’s alleged dislike of guest judges, the mentors only show up to work with the group and then disappear (or reappear on the results show to hawk their new CD). I believe if a mentor has spent time helping the cast, he or she should get a final say on their performance. It also gives the fans another view of the performance, especially during the middle of the season when we are sick of the usual “I’m feeling it, dawg,” “You’re so special” and “You’ll never make it in this competition” type of dribble. A fresh set of ears is a blessing at that point. (BTW, Barry was on Seasons 3 & 5 so that means he should be back again this year – especially if there is a 70’s night! He has proven to be the best mentor on the show.)

3) Give us less bad auditions and more of the Hollywood Rounds!
Last year the producers, in perhaps a drunken stupor, decided to chop up the Hollywood Rounds and condense them into one night because it wasn’t “good TV” – thus not allowing the fans to see more of the talent or back stories of the contestants (a HUGE complaint about Season6 in general). The editors should be able to combine and compile enough film on these rounds to both keep us interested and provide us with the emotional angst to get us behind our favorites. On the flip side, the ever increasing number of bad audition shows really don’t keep fan tuned in the rest of the season because the folks who fancy those episodes are all about watching train wrecks than good singing. The fans who vote passionately are the ones that should be served or they will continue to fall away as they did last season.

Ultimately, the main focus should always be on the contestants and their quest for the title. The more we know about them and their road to Idol, the more invested we become in their outcome. The show has proven that it can produce that type of TV and get both great ratings and loyal viewer. They can do it again. I’m sure of it. Sometimes returning to one’s roots is the best thing.

Now, may some of you out there have your own “three wishes” for the upcoming season so why not share your vision with the rest of us? Let us and TPTB know your concerns and maybe it will help to give Idol the boost it needs going into Season 7. Leave your comments below and let the voice of the people be heard!

Carry on!

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Thanks to Ms. Marmalade at the Clackhouse (a Clay Aiken fan site), we now have an episode guide for Rewind’s Season 2 shows:

Sept. 29: N.Y. Auditions

Oct. 6: Miami/Detroit Auditions

Oct. 13: Atlanta Auditions

Oct. 20: Austin Auditions

Oct. 27: L.A. Auditions

Nov. 3: Nashville Auditions

Nov. 10: Best of the Worst

Nov. 17: Hollywood Week Pt. 1

Nov. 24: Hollywood Week Pt. 2


December — reruns of the auditions/Hollywood episodes.


Jan. 5: Group 1

Jan. 12: Group 2

Jan. 19: Group 3

Jan. 26: Group 4

Feb. 2: Wildcard Show

Feb. 9: Top 12 to 11 – Motown songs guest judge-Lamont Dozier

Feb. 16: Top 11 to 10 – Movie songs guest judge-Gladys Knight

Feb. 23: Top 10 to 9 – Country rock songs guest judge-Olivia Newton-John

Mar. 1: Top 9 to 8 – Disco songs guest judge-Verdine White from Earth, Wind, & Fire (top 8 to 8-no Corey Clarke)

Mar. 8: Top 8 to 7 – Billboard #1’s guest judge-Lionel Richie

Mar. 15: Top 7 to 6 – Billy Joel songs guest judge-Smokey Robinson

Mar. 22: Top 6 to 5 – Diane Warren songs guest judge-Diane Warren

Mar. 29: Top 5 to 4 – ’60’s songs & Neil Sedaka songs

guest judge-Neil Sedaka (2 songs performed)

Apr. 5: Top 4 to 3 – Bee Gees songs guest judge-Robin Gibb (2 songs performed)

Apr. 12: Top 3 to 2 – random, judge’s, & favorite song choice

no guest judge (3 songs performed)

Apr. 19: Final 2 – original song, Beatles’ song, cover song (3 songs performed)

Aprl. 26: Finale – 2 hour finale 1st hour is fluff (auditions, interviews),

2nd hour top 12 singing top 2 singing a finale song again





Looks like we’ll have a LOT to talk about so get ready as we prepare to take a stroll down “memory lane.” Even when Season 7 gears up, we can still devote time to Rewind. Looks like FUN to me!

Carry on!

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With Canadian Idol having just crowned this year’s winner and AI’s Season 7 is a mere 4 months away, I decided t0 span the globe and see just how many versions of Idol there are out there. After a little bit of digging I discovered that there actually more than I originally thought. Some have gone dormant, some were canceled after one or two outings and some are just finishing up or starting up – so I guess at any given time there is an Idol competition going on somewhere in the world.

Here’s a look at my findings…


    Idols Franchises that were Canceled


    Malaysian Idol

    Singapore Idol

    Idol Serbia-Montenegro & Macedonia



    Idol Franchises that are Dormant

    (no competitions for a least 2 years)


    New Zealand Idol

    Hrvatski Idol (Croatian)

    Česko hledá SuperStar (Czech)

    Idols (Denmark)

    Idolos Portugal

    Super Idol (Greece)

    Idol stjörnuleit (Iceland)

    Idols (Netherlands)

    Idol (Poland)

    Narodniy Artist (Russia)

    Slovensko hľadá SuperStar (Slovakia)

    Idols (South Africa)

    Idol (Sweden)

    Turkstar (Turkey)



    Idol Franchises that had a 2007 season, are in progress or will be starting up in the near future


    Australian Idol

    2007 in progress

    Nouvelle Star (France)

    2007 winner – Julien Dore

    Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany

    2007 – Mark Medlock

    2008 – In progress / Auditions

    Hay Superstar (Armenian)

    2007 winner – Lusine Aghabekyan

    Canadian Idol

    2007 winner – Brian Melo

    Latin American Idol

    2007 in progress

    Idool 2007 (Belgium )

    2007 winner – Dean Delannoit

    Idolos Brazil

    2007 winner – Thaeme Marioto

    Music Idol (Bulgaria)

    2007 winner – Nevena Tsoneva

    Idols (Finland)

    2007 winner – Ari Koivunen

    Indian Idol

    2007 winner – TBA 9/23

    Indonesian Idol

    2007 winner – Rini Wulandari

    SuperStar KZ (Kazakhstan)

    2007 winner – Oleg Karezin

    Idol (Norway)

    2007 – season begins in September

    Philippine Idol


    Vietnam Idol

    2007 in progress

    SuperStar (Arab World)

    2007 winner – Marwan Ali

    Idols West Africa

    2007 winner – Timi Dakolo

    American Idol

    2007 winner – Jordan Sparks

    2008 season – in progress/Audition

    It looks as though Idol has gone out to every corner of the sphere but why haven’t we heard more from the winners, at least in the English speaking countries?  Is winning the main goal or is the exposure enough?  Or does being on an Idol hurt someone’s chances for a REAL music career?

    Watch for some of the more interesting winners and contestants from around the world to appear here on the blog this Fall and let’s compare them to their American counterparts.  This could be fun!

    Carry on!

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Well, gang, I have returned!

For those of you who are familiar with hard drive crashes, it takes a LOT more time than you anticipate to recover lost information, even if you do have it backed up.  The “reader’s digest” version of my problem is that any info written in the bad sector of my HD may have been backed up but it was corrupted and thus unrecoverable.

In plain English, I saved 85% of my files but I lost most of my work folder, 400 mp3s that I need for work and an entire presentation that I have to give in 3 weeks for a national gathering of my profession.

One could say that I’m a little stressed out right now.  Oh heck, I’m downright FREAKING OUT!!  But it could have been worse and I am thankful that it wasn’t.

Anyway, this little setback has kept me from attending to you all here on the blog and for that, I apologize.  But, I have been thinking about how to “kick it up a notch” around here until the beginning of Season 7 and I just might have the answer.  Now, hear me out…this could work…maybe…

On September 29, American Idol Rewind will begin showing Season 2 and I thought that this would be a great time to begin the podcast portion of the blog.  You see, those of us who have been with the show since the first show have our definite opinions on who was the real winner of this season and maybe seeing the shows with fresh eyes might generate some great discussions.  Also, it gives me some time to experiment with segments  and get experience in front of and behind the camera in anticipation for the upcoming new season.  I think it’s worth a shot and unless I jump into the deep end of the podcast pool I might never feel that it’s the “right” time to launch the show.

Now, be forewarned — I’m sure my first attempts will be rough but I will try to concentrate on good content first and then ramp up the visual/technical stuff as I get a better handle on it.  I would hope that you will tell me what you like and what you don’t like so that I might get better at it.  Together, I think we can come up with something enjoyable, entertaining and exciting.  I’m willing to risk it — are you?

I’ll try and be more regular with my entries here until I get my first podcast up after the 9/29 episode.  Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Carry on!

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