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Well, gang, I have returned!

For those of you who are familiar with hard drive crashes, it takes a LOT more time than you anticipate to recover lost information, even if you do have it backed up.  The “reader’s digest” version of my problem is that any info written in the bad sector of my HD may have been backed up but it was corrupted and thus unrecoverable.

In plain English, I saved 85% of my files but I lost most of my work folder, 400 mp3s that I need for work and an entire presentation that I have to give in 3 weeks for a national gathering of my profession.

One could say that I’m a little stressed out right now.  Oh heck, I’m downright FREAKING OUT!!  But it could have been worse and I am thankful that it wasn’t.

Anyway, this little setback has kept me from attending to you all here on the blog and for that, I apologize.  But, I have been thinking about how to “kick it up a notch” around here until the beginning of Season 7 and I just might have the answer.  Now, hear me out…this could work…maybe…

On September 29, American Idol Rewind will begin showing Season 2 and I thought that this would be a great time to begin the podcast portion of the blog.  You see, those of us who have been with the show since the first show have our definite opinions on who was the real winner of this season and maybe seeing the shows with fresh eyes might generate some great discussions.  Also, it gives me some time to experiment with segments  and get experience in front of and behind the camera in anticipation for the upcoming new season.  I think it’s worth a shot and unless I jump into the deep end of the podcast pool I might never feel that it’s the “right” time to launch the show.

Now, be forewarned — I’m sure my first attempts will be rough but I will try to concentrate on good content first and then ramp up the visual/technical stuff as I get a better handle on it.  I would hope that you will tell me what you like and what you don’t like so that I might get better at it.  Together, I think we can come up with something enjoyable, entertaining and exciting.  I’m willing to risk it — are you?

I’ll try and be more regular with my entries here until I get my first podcast up after the 9/29 episode.  Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Carry on!

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