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With Canadian Idol having just crowned this year’s winner and AI’s Season 7 is a mere 4 months away, I decided t0 span the globe and see just how many versions of Idol there are out there. After a little bit of digging I discovered that there actually more than I originally thought. Some have gone dormant, some were canceled after one or two outings and some are just finishing up or starting up – so I guess at any given time there is an Idol competition going on somewhere in the world.

Here’s a look at my findings…


    Idols Franchises that were Canceled


    Malaysian Idol

    Singapore Idol

    Idol Serbia-Montenegro & Macedonia



    Idol Franchises that are Dormant

    (no competitions for a least 2 years)


    New Zealand Idol

    Hrvatski Idol (Croatian)

    Česko hledá SuperStar (Czech)

    Idols (Denmark)

    Idolos Portugal

    Super Idol (Greece)

    Idol stjörnuleit (Iceland)

    Idols (Netherlands)

    Idol (Poland)

    Narodniy Artist (Russia)

    Slovensko hľadá SuperStar (Slovakia)

    Idols (South Africa)

    Idol (Sweden)

    Turkstar (Turkey)



    Idol Franchises that had a 2007 season, are in progress or will be starting up in the near future


    Australian Idol

    2007 in progress

    Nouvelle Star (France)

    2007 winner – Julien Dore

    Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany

    2007 – Mark Medlock

    2008 – In progress / Auditions

    Hay Superstar (Armenian)

    2007 winner – Lusine Aghabekyan

    Canadian Idol

    2007 winner – Brian Melo

    Latin American Idol

    2007 in progress

    Idool 2007 (Belgium )

    2007 winner – Dean Delannoit

    Idolos Brazil

    2007 winner – Thaeme Marioto

    Music Idol (Bulgaria)

    2007 winner – Nevena Tsoneva

    Idols (Finland)

    2007 winner – Ari Koivunen

    Indian Idol

    2007 winner – TBA 9/23

    Indonesian Idol

    2007 winner – Rini Wulandari

    SuperStar KZ (Kazakhstan)

    2007 winner – Oleg Karezin

    Idol (Norway)

    2007 – season begins in September

    Philippine Idol


    Vietnam Idol

    2007 in progress

    SuperStar (Arab World)

    2007 winner – Marwan Ali

    Idols West Africa

    2007 winner – Timi Dakolo

    American Idol

    2007 winner – Jordan Sparks

    2008 season – in progress/Audition

    It looks as though Idol has gone out to every corner of the sphere but why haven’t we heard more from the winners, at least in the English speaking countries?  Is winning the main goal or is the exposure enough?  Or does being on an Idol hurt someone’s chances for a REAL music career?

    Watch for some of the more interesting winners and contestants from around the world to appear here on the blog this Fall and let’s compare them to their American counterparts.  This could be fun!

    Carry on!

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