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Sorry I’m a little late with my reviews this week but my normal Canadian video junkie was out of commission and I had to scramble and find a new supplier. Good thing I hit pay dirt at You Tube and was able to see the show but not in the correct order of performance. I was able to figure out who went first and last but the rest are a toss up so if you are one of my OCD fans, I apologize for the disorganization.

Anyway, it was a celebration of Canadian artists this week with Simple Plan as the mentors. They seemed like a decent group who wanted to help our contestants succeed and I think they must have given them some good advice because most of them appeared to up their game. I can’t say enough how much I’m enjoying CI and it’s very eclectic musical themes this summer. I don’t think I can look at AI again without noticing the BIG differences between them and wishing they’d get their act together.

So, without further ado, here’s the view from my trusty laptop this week with many thanks to another great Canadian poster:

Amberly Thiessen1, 2, 3, 4 (Feist)

I haven’t heard Brooke White sing this on the AI tour yet so this was a preview of the song for me. While not enamored with the piece, I thought this was the best performance this little lady has given so far in the competition. She looked relaxed and joyful, her voice was clear as a bright bell and she worked the stage well instead of hiding behind her guitar. I didn’t like how they dressed her and made her up to be a pop tart because I believe the “girl-next-door” vibe works for her so I hope this transformation doesn’t lose votes instead of gain them. Should NOT be in the bottom three but she did go first so ya never know. BTW, I think Zach is auditioning for Simon’s spot on the American show when he leaves…Elvira? Please. She didn’t look THAT bad.

Drew WrightThat Song (Big Wreck)

This one wants to be Canada’s answer to David Cook for sure. It was an OK performance, vocals were good when he wasn’t screaming over the band, but I felt he was concentrating too much on his playing the guitar and not enough in entertaining the audience. I’m not sure his cherub good looks are going to carry him unscathed to the Top 5 so look for him in the bottom three this week.

Theo TamsSweet Ones (Sarah Slean)

Other than the “lounge lizard” velvet jacket (which made him look a little cheesy), that was another great performance. The vocals (with just a hint of growl) were spot on, his musical treatment of the song was driving in places and “come hither” in others and I have to agree with the boys from Simple Plan, he makes singing and playing look effortless. If he’s not safe this week, Canada is just not as hip as I think they are. This boy is my pick for the top spot, definitely.

Mitch MacDonald Love This Town (Joel Plaskett?)

Definitely an indie performer for sure, he does very well in his own genre but his vocal tone can be grating. Not tonight, however. It fit the song and he kept it simple so the performance was very sincere and likable. A props for choosing a song almost no one was familiar with. This could buy him another week in the competition and I’d like to see him stay after many weeks of calling for his departure. Good job.

Earl StevensonLittle Bones (The Tragically Hip)

I guess I’m not hip because I just don’t GET this guy (and I really liked Taylor Hicks)! He sings OK but he always looks like he’s been hitting the bong before each performance. I like my Idols a tad more serious about what they’re doing and I just don’t understand WHY the judges love him to death. Canada, do me a favor? Send this boy home packing. I just can’t take him anymore.

Mookie MorrisMagic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)

I liked the scratching vibe that was added to this classic rock song and this boy definitely had the charisma to pull it off and draw the crowd in. I wasn’t as sold on his vocals because I thought they weren’t as good as I’ve heard him to be and I think that might hurt him with some of the more savvy voters. He needs more time to grow vocally but he’s got the performing side of it down pat.

So, the bottom dwellers for this week would have to be:

Mookie, (because he needs more work vocally and this IS a singing competition, isn’t it?)

Drew (because he tried too hard with the vocals)

and Earl, (for being just too Earl-ish this week)

with “das boot” probably going to Drew Wright because Canada doesn’t have the ***** to get rid of Earl or Mookie just yet. However, don’t be surprised if Mitch goes home because voters just might be done with him at this point. We shall soon see if I’m correct…or not…

Carry on!


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