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Sorry for going four weeks without a blog post. I wrote two others over that last few weeks but my busy schedule kept getting in the way of me posting them. I was happy that MacKenzie left after the hometown visits and while he didn’t have the vocal perfection of the other two I kept rooting for Dalton because that boy has the potential of being a great performer. Going into tonight’s Final 2 showdown I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best for him, but being the realist that I knew that America might not agree with me.

Like the 14 Season Finales before it, this one began with Ryan whipping up the crowd for what was to come, but melancholy hung in the air everyone knew this was the end of an era. The traditional three rounds would bring us all to the final voting opportunity — and here’s how it all came down…

Round 1: The Potential Winner’s (Coronation) Song

Trent HarmonFalling

In 15 years of Idol Winner Songs this is the FIRST ONE that I could actually buy and enjoy listening to in my playlist more than once. Perfect for radio play right now and he sounded great on it.

Dalton RapattoniStrike a Match

Even though it has a definite pop hook, it comes from the standard Idol schlock song pile of “meh” finale songs. It didn’t do the kid any favors and at times he sounded a little flat in the lower register.

La’Porsha Renae – Battles

Another bad winner’s song that she struggled to “never give up” and make something more out of it. The song really didn’t help her cause any and if she wins it won’t help her win any more fans, that’s for sure.

So when the lights were dimmed for the results, it was no surprise the La’Porsha was the first one through to the final two rounds. I kinda figured the boys would split the “teeny bopper” vote with Trent moving forward and making Dalton this year’s Jax. For a 19 year old he showed a lot of talent, guts and sheer determination to always put forth great performance week after week. I admire that and I hope someone signs him up and works with him to reach his full potential.

So it now becomes a battle of the great voices…

Round 2:  Simon Fuller’s Final Choices

Trent HarmonIf You Don’t Know Me By Now (Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)

This dude was on FIRE and with that  pristinely clear falsetto he made a huge lasting impression. Unlike La’Porsha who’s been consistently good, he is peaking at the right time and who know’s – he just might be able to win (and he might have my vote). Perfect song choice!

La’Porsha Renae – A House is Not a Home (Dionne Warwick)

WHOA! She is just killer on the old school songs and this time was absolutely no exception, grinding Tamara Gray’s Season 1 rendition into the ground. Another perfect song choice and the battle is on!!! Keith Urban’s remarks were priceless, too!

Round 3: Contestant’s Choice from the Season

Trent HarmonChandelier (Sia)

Gutsy move to repeat a song he got great reviews on the last time he sang it – but this time…HE CRUSHED IT COMPLETELY!!! The move from his natural tenor to falsetto was as smooth as glass and the emotion he poured into the lyrics painted a beautiful melodic picture. He HAS my VOTE! His peaking now at the very end is what Idol has been about for the last 15 years – I’m gonna miss that about this show.

La’Porsha RenaeDiamonds (Rhianna)

I don’t usually like when she sings songs by current artists and tonight was no exception. She would have done ten times better if she had picked PROUD MARY and wiped the floor with some old school vibe. She might be America’s sentimental favorite and she does have a priceless instrument but I’m not sure she should win.

So, after 15 years it all comes down to this final vote tally. I’ve done my part for Trent – now it’s your turn one last time to vote for your favorite. Tomorrow night’s final 2 hours should be a tearjerker for us long time fans but the ride has definitely been worth it. I’m gonna miss this cheesy show…

I’ll post final thoughts after the winner is crowned. Thanks for hanging in with me all season. It’s been fun.

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