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I was going to try and do an initial review of the Canadian Idol Top 24 before the start of tonight’s Top 24 face-offs but I want to share a few more insights with you first before I launch into my critiques. I will admit it took me longer to get to watch the audition and Top 200 videos but I think I now have a couple of reliable sources that should get me through this contest in the coming months so I’ll add my first impressions of the singers as I review their first “official” performances this week. Once I get on a viewing schedule I probably still won’t be as timely as others who will watch it live but I’ll try not to be more than a day or two behind. It’ll be the best I can do give the circumstances.

So, for this installment, I want to comment on a few more show modifications that I happen to like and would love to see AI try for Season 8. First of all, can I say that I think having online auditions is a stroke of GENIUS? I understand that Canada is more geographically spread out and harder to navigate than the states but having folks submit video would sure be another way of finding that “best talent” out there that maybe can’t get to an audition sight for one reason or another. I’m sure some folks sent professionally done up clips that were probably thrown out after five seconds but most of the homemade jobs were decent enough to give a true rendering of the singer. This is a great idea that should be adopted here in the States for next season. Come on, Nigel — maybe there’s another reality show in it for ya…

Moving on, I LOVE the fact that TPTB did not feel the need to have a gender balanced Top 24 — if there were more guys deserving of a shot than gals then so be it. Life is not always fair and so what if that makes for a lopsided tour. I think viewers and concertgoers are a little more smarter than some promoters give them credit for. They will come out and support who they like rather than simply back a male over a female and vice versa. There have been quite a few AI contestants in both genders who have fallen victim to the PC way of Top 24 selection and some have not tried again…and that’s sad. I also don’t believe, as one article suggested, that some folks believe that since the viewing audience is mostly female that this unevenness will play in favor of the males. Again, talent is talent and most Idol watchers will gravitate towards the standouts in either gender eventually.

To repeat myself briefly, I said last time that I thought the judges were cool about making sure they nurtured along those who may not have been quite ready for this year in the hopes of seeing them again. Not only is it good for the artist’s ego and emotional well-being but it a great marketing tool as well, showing the folks at home that the show CARES rather than just wanting to use and abuse the contestants. AI gets that rap now and then and it could very well be deserved but after seven years they rarely display this type of sincerity with the singers. Maybe it gets lost on the cutting room floor or doesn’t make for “good TV” but we’ll never really know and lots of assumptions get made that way.

I read over the weekend that this part of the competition will be different than AI because it will not be boys against boys and girls against girls. Rather it will be a mixed gender 12 on both nights with an undetermined number going home. Hummm…there’s a cliffhanger of sorts. Not predictable, now is it? Love how the Canadians are willing to keep us guessing!

With all this said, let me head out now and see if any videos are up and running for my view pleasure. Given the diversity in talent this is setting up to be great musical summer for our northern friends…and those of us who can never get enough Idol. Let the games begin!


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OK, I’ve taken some time to breathe since AMERICAN IDOL 7 finished last month but I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to wait until Season 8 to keep this operation running. After taking a look at what is being offered this summer on TV I have decided to cast my viewing net a little wider and to the north —

Even though CTV is not making it easy for me to tune in, I WILL be watching and reviewing CANADIAN IDOL 6 this summer, along with the third season of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT! I’m going to ask my “video supplier” if I can share the footage I’ve been viewing with all of you “south of the boarder” but if it will get this brave individual in trouble then you’ll just have to be content with my riveting reviews to get you through the summer.

Stay tuned…this could be interesting!

ETA — Well, I can’t share the videos on this site but I’m sure if you ask me privately I could tell you where they are. Let me see how I want to proceed now…I’ll be back…soon…

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