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Come one, come all! The Live Blogging experiment continues tomorrow night at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST. Just click here and join the fun! I make lots of irreverent comments, take polls, show videos, and everyone can add their own POV to the proceedings. What better way to watch IDOL than with others!

See you there — carry on!


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    Happy New Year!

    I know I have been away far too long from my AI friends and fans so I guess this is as good a time as any to start cranking up the creative wheels again and get this blog back on a regular schedule. Speaking of schedules, I’m sure most of you saw that FOX has released the broadcast schedule for season 7 of Idol and I was VERY glad to see the Hollywood rounds getting two episodes again instead of last season’s disappointing one. Now in case you’re one of the three people who haven’t seen the press release, I’ll post it here so you can reference it throughout the season:



    2008 American Idol Season 7 Schedule

    Tuesday, January 15

    Auditions (Philly)

    Wednesday, January 16

    Auditions (Dallas)

    Tuesday, January 22

    Auditions (San Diego)

    Wednesday, January 23

    Auditions (Charleston)

    Tuesday, January 29

    Auditions (Omaha)

    Wednesday, January 30

    Auditions  (Miami)

    Tuesday, February 5

    Auditions  (Atlanta)

    Wednesday, February 6

    Auditions (Could be “Best of the Worst” – I hate those!)

    Tuesday, February 12

    Hollywood Part 1

    Wednesday, February 13

    Hollywood Part 2 – Top 24 Revealed

    Tuesday, February 19

    Top 12 Males

    Wednesday, February 20

    Top 12 Females

    Thursday, February 21

    Top 24 Elimination

    Tuesday, February 26

    Top 10 Males

    Wednesday, February 27

    Top 10 Females

    Thursday, February 28

    Top 20 Elimination

    Tuesday, March 4

    Top 8 Males

    Wednesday, March 5

    Top 8 Females

    Thursday, March 6

    Top 16 Elimination – Top 12 established

    Tuesday, March 11

    Top 12 Perform

    Wednesday, March 12

    Top 12 Elimination

    Tuesday, March 18

    Top 11 Perform

    Wednesday, March 19

    Top 11 Elimination

    Tuesday, March 25

    Top 10 Perform

    Wednesday, March 26

    Top 10 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 1

    Top 9 Perform

    Wednesday, April 2

    Top 9 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 8

    Top 8 Perform

    Wednesday, April 9

    Idol Gives Back 2

    Thursday, April 10

    Top 8 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 15

    Top 7 Perform

    Wednesday, April 16

    Top 7 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 22

    Top 6 Perform

    Wednesday, April 23

    Top 6 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 29

    Top 5 Perform

    Wednesday, April 30

    Top 5 Elimination

    Tuesday, May 6

    Top 4 Perform

    Wednesday, May 7

    Top 4 Elimination

    Tuesday, May 13

    Top 3 Perform

    Wednesday, May 14

    Top 3 Elimination

    Tuesday, May 20

    Final 2 Perform

    Wednesday, May 21

    Season Finale & Winner


    Other than another installment of Idol Gives Back, which I have mixed feelings about, it should be another interesting year of bad auditions, questionable judging and America getting it wrong at least ten times, if not more. Has Idol become predictable? In a way, yes — but it still manages to provide enough angst and raw emotions from both contestants and viewers to keep it the main topic of water cooler conversation from January to May. Couple that with the lack of any viable competition due to the writers’ strike and it should top the Nielsen’s easily again this year. There will, however, be some changes and additions and I am looking forward to them. From what we already know:


    ****Less focus on guest mentors and more on the contestants themselves in an effort to get to know them better. I would hate to see the producers do away with mentors altogether (especially the music god himself, Barry Manilow, who is due for another visit this year) because some of them, like Barry, really do care about the kids and want to see them do their best. However, last year’s over-emphasis, I believe, did take away from getting to see the contestants as regular folks just like us and allowed one very charismatic individual to get more attention for his non-singing antics than he deserved. Let’s hope the producers have learned a lesson from this.


    ****Allowing the contestants to show other sides of their musical abilities is certainly a welcome addition. Most of the other big Idol franchises already allow this and I believe it does help show how musically well rounded an individual is or isn’t. As a musician myself, I think it takes a lot more than a pretty voice to make it BIG in music or to achieve longevity in this field. Building on skills and gifts, as well as the occasional reinvention of the artists, helps to keep their creativity alive and, hopefully, keeps them out of becoming boring or trite to the listening and buying public. Since most Idol contestants haven’t traditionally had much experience or “dues paying” prior to being on the show (there are exceptions, obviously), they seem to lack the staying power of others who have taken awhile to “make it.” However, the public seems to think that if a musician isn’t ALWAYS in the news or on TV or on the radio that they have somehow “failed” at making a career of music – which is not necessarily true. Being able to judge a contestant’s full musical potential may begin to tip the scales away from those with just great voices and towards the “total musical package” types – something that may not be a bad thing. I guess we’ll have to see what the producers put forward this year for us to judge (and it had better be better than last year…).



    If you’re like me, with the holidays now a fond memory and the writers’ strike making TV more of a vast wasteland, you’re just as anxious for Idol to get going. It’s only a little longer, folks… get those TiVOs and DVRs primed and ready… we’re almost there and I’M READY! Are you?


    Carry on!



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I about lost my hot chocolate over this GREAT video by Grey Blackwell found on the Raleigh News and Observer website. I just HAD to share this with y’all so ENJOY!

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I love this show…I really do…but I must admit I’m getting weary of this season already.  With all the silliness surrounding a certain contestant they should consider subtitling AI6 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sanjaya? (when I get a chance I’ll write the filk for this)


The producers need to invoke whatever clause they have to get this boy off the show and get back to a serious vocal competition but since the ratings are everything to these people, I highly doubt that will happen.  Is the winner really that obvious that no one cares where the others place?  Did the judges put through more background stories rather than singers this season?  Can this show ever return to its original concept without pandering to advertisers or dumbing down the viewers by thinking we’ll swallow anything or anyone they throw at us?


Hopefully I’ll expand on some of those questions and more when I FINALLY get my video podcast up and running in the next week or two.  It’ll be rough at first since I’m literally doing this on the fly but I want to get it going during this season instead of waiting until the next. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know where you can find it when it debuts.


Ok, enough shameless promotion — let’s get on to how our Idols did this evening with the Great American Songbook. Here’s the view from my red leather couch for this night:


Blake Lewis /Mack the Knife

By far that had to be his best vocal to date with just a couple of dropped notes due to dancing.  He does give off a cool jazz vibe and the concluding scat was particularly nice.  This good song choice, even though he was first, should keep his performance from being forgettable.

The dark horse is still galloping strong down the safe path.


Phil Stacey / Night and Day

WHOA!  That boy was born to sing the classics!  For the first time since I’ve heard him I am duly impressed with his vocals!  Randy didn’t know what he was talking about in his judging but I will give Paula and Simon props for wanting him to be more warm and less stiff.

He’ll make more converts with that performance to be safe again this week.


Melinda Doolittle / I Got Rhythm

You can’t go wrong with a great Gershwin tune but riddle me this, Batman — does this gal ever give a BAD performance??  Just press that CD and let me buy it!  Who cares if she wins — she is going to be BIG in the business regardless.  I just love her…

What can I say but — SAFE!


Chris Richardson / Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Trip on words much, son?  I guess I just don’t like him no matter what he does.  Also, I didn’t care much for his outfit.  However, they all loved him and the voters will follow suit, I’m sure.

No chance in hell he’s going home anytime soon — drat.


Jordin Sparks / On a Clear Day

I’m backing this little lady because she is a true natural and that’s what this competition is all about.  She’s not afraid to take risks, comes out and gives it everything she’s got and is vocally light years beyond her young age.  In short, she reminds me of me when I was that young.  She’ll get my vote from now until the end.  Oh, and Simon — who CARES if she sang it without a modern twist!  It was damn good and YOU know it!

I’ll do my part to make her safe and YOU should too!


Gina Glocksen / Smile

She continues to impress me after not being one of my favorites in the beginning.  I thought she sang it really well and exhibited some lovely tone while keeping it from getting too sentimental and sappy.  Simon needed to set a gal up to be in the bottom three and he chose her tonight.  I wish he wouldn’t do that because she is doing her best and could be winner over new fans.

Could be on the bubble due to the Brit’s comments.


Sanjaya Malakar /Cheek to Cheek

Out to prove he can sing, eh?  Ok, kid — you CAN sing (barely) but you should be doing it in high school musicals and NOT on a national stage.  He can afford to come out and be charming and attempt to entertain but that’s because everyone has given up trying to critique the vocals (or lack thereof).  I’d like to b*tch-slap Howard Stern and VFTW for keeping this boy in the competition because his mediocrity is helping to bring down this show.  Shame.

I’d put him on the Shuttle and send him home but no one listens to me.


Haley Scarnato / Ain’t Misbehavin’

For once I liked her performance and the vocals were decent as well — probably because this is her strong suit.  What I didn’t care for, however, was the jumbled arrangement.  It sounded as if we couldn’t decide with vibe to put on the song so we did a little of each.  I’d have stuck to one mood and milked it for all it was worth.  But, what do I know…

I think the dress will keep her safe but little else. 


Lakisha Jones / Stormy Weather

The coveted pimp spot got the Billie Holiday treatment tonight and she made the most of it by pouring it on big time.  She should have listened to Tony and gone for the money note hold because that tag negated all the came before it.  She’s still leaving me cold, though, even if she is good.

No bottom three for her this week, that’s for sure.



For me tonight it was tough to find a bottom three (other than a bottom ONE who should go home…) so  here’s what I’ve come up with for this week:  Sanjaya, Haley and Gina  (even though I don’t think she should be there) with “das boot” going to Haley (even thought it should be you-know-who).  All I DON’T want to see is Miss Sparks anywhere near the bottom so I’m heading for my phone to help keep her away from there.  Vote Jordin!


Carry on!


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I wasn’t sure what to think of tonight’s theme, or lack thereof, so all I prayed for was good song choices and not-too-over-the-top performances. 


I wasn’t as disappointed as I could have been.


That made me happy.


But I’m beginning to worry about the direction this show is heading in.  Seems like some folks are trying to compromise the credibility of the competition while the producers seem more interested in good TV rather than good musical head to head battles.  It really hits home when I watch AI Rewind and reminisce about how the first season was all about finding a SUPERSTAR.  That doesn’t appear to be happening this year and I am not the only one upset about this, if what I read on and off the Internet is any indication.  I don’t want to see this show “jump the shark” but even according to Nigel the show is losing viewership (however, he won’t worry until it’s more than 50%…or so he states).


More on this later…


So, let’s get on to how our Idols did this evening with a very eclectic mix of music.  Here’s the view from my red leather couch on this fine spring evening in the northeast:


Lakisha Jones / Last Dance – Donna Summer

Vocally this woman is killer,  however, tonight I thought she was a little karaoke with the song. With Donna Summer’s unique disco flare it’s hard for a performer to put their own stamp on it  but I’m not sure she even attempted to.  Also, I have a tough time watching her perform because I don’t think she’s very comfortable on stage.  In any case, she did well enough with the big vocals to keep her singing here for many more weeks.

Safe yet again.


Chris Sligh /Every Little Thing She Does is Magic – The Police

I love the Police and this song is a favorite.  Now, I thought he did a great job on the vocal and it was a super song choice for him but I think he was distracted with the fact that he was trying to stay on beat and wasn’t, at times, very successful with it.  Seems to me he’s more of an instinctual musician with not much formal training — but that shouldn’t hamper his ability to keep time.

I wouldn’t vote him off yet but he needs to step up his game.


Gina Glocksen / I’ll Stand By You  The Pretenders

Now that gal was in her strength tonight and did a super job both emotionally and vocally with a great song choice.  She’s starting to make me a believer in her talent and that hasn’t been easy given I didn’t care for her early on.  Let’s see if she can keep me interested in the weeks to come.

Should be the safest she’s been all season.


Sanjaya Malakar /Bathwater – No Doubt

Ok, I have to say it first — WHAT was up with the hair??????!!!!! Oh my HECK! Did he hope it would distract everyone from his vocals and sometimes mumbled lyrics?  Given what happened to Nadia Turner when she tried this look (and she was a much better singer) I wouldn’t have pulled this stunt.  This boy needs to go home now and I wish America would buy a CLUE and send him packing.  Even the judges have given up on really critiquing him because it seems to do no good.

Can he PLEASE get “das boot” this week??????


Haley Scarnato / True Colors – Cyndi Lauper

I think she tried to “Disney-tize” the song a little much and really stripped it of its edge.  She has a nice, clean voice but she has a tendency to layer every song she’s sung with an “easy listening” vibe – making the judges call her on not being current or young…and they are correct.  She’s sinking fast and no amount of making her hot and sexy will save her at this point.

On the bubble and could go at any time.


Phil Stacey / Every Breath You Take – The Police

Strong vocal but I can’t watch him perform either — it was a little too bug-eyed for me tonight.  I’ll admit it was a very good song choice for him but I’m not a fan and losing my objectivity on him by the nanosecond. 

I’m not a fan but he’s probably safe.


Melinda Doolittle / Heaven Knows  – Donna Summer

This woman comes so ALIVE when she sings it’s such a joy to watch and listen to her.  She makes it look so effortless and that’s the mark of a truly gifted professional.  I just love her but won’t proclaim her the winner just yet — this show is waaaay too fickle (two words – Clay Aiken) and I don’t trust the voters either.

Perpetually safe – for now.


Blake Lewis /Love Song  The Cure

He has a great voice when he just concentrates on the melody and lyrics — and I am SO glad he left the beat-boxing out tonight (and I wasn’t BORED either!)  He is the best of the boys and I wouldn’t count him out of the finale but there’s still too many weeks ahead to start predicting who’ll end up there.  I still like his style and appreciate his musicianship a whole lot.

Should be safe unless others were bored as I wasn’t…


Jordin Sparks / Hey Baby  No Doubt

She’s a musical daredevil with no fear whatsoever.  She takes chances and changes things up every week and it WORKS for her by always showcasing her power vocals.   I agree with Simon on her improving from week to week but I have a feeling she’s just getting warmed up.  She’s the REAL dark horse considering how the women stack up this year and she gets my vote again this week.

Safe and sound!


Chris Richardson / Don’t Speak  No Doubt

Find this guy a boy-band and let him imitate Timberflake until the cows come home.  Yeah, he has a good voice and a good song choice but he’s so affected with that boy-band sound that I can’t take him seriously when he sings other genres.  It all sounds the same.  I think he’s outlived his 15 minutes.

I’d put him on the bubble but Sanjaya needs to go first.



So…my selections for the bottom du jour?  I’d go with Sanjaya, Haley and Chris R with “das boot” going to Haley.  My fear of seeing Sanjaya around for another week will probably be realized unless someone — or God– intervenes.   


However, in my business, I DO believe in miracles…  🙂


Vote Jordin!

Carry on!


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