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Happy New Idol Season, folks!

I had planned to be back in the blogging saddle earlier than this but yet again my best laid plans were interrupted by real life and God’s will.  I’ve learned not to argue with either of those two realities so I’m simply happy to be back giving my POV to all things Idol.  In any case, as I was preparing to watch tonight’s first installment I heard the news that my favorite Brit is leaving the show at the end of the season.  What gives?  First, Paula jumps ship and is replaced by Ellen DeGeneres (I’m still not over that – even though I couldn’t stand Paula’s antics and lack of concrete critique at least she was a musician of sorts).  Now the Brit decides he wants to make more $$$ selling and starring in his X Factor’s American franchise rather than sticking with the vehicle that made him who he is today.  And everyone is now tolling the death knell for the show itself – again.

Interesting timing, don’t you think?

Ya know, this could actually work out for AI in both the short and long run.  Everyone will want to tune in for Simon’s last season so that will keep ratings from slipping this year.  Then, everyone will want to see who gets chosen to replace him and how well (or not) said replacement will do in Season 10.  My two cents on who should fill the seat?  Perhaps one of the former IDOL contestants – either Clay Aiken or Justin Guarini would be an interesting choice – so that the once judged would now be in the position of judging the next generation.    How Ellen does this year will also factor in on the judging equation so at least there will be plenty to talk about this year.

Speaking of plenty to talk about, let’s get to tonight’s first auditioners.   As I’ve done in the past, I will give you my uncensored impressions as I wrote them while watching the show from the confines of my comfy couch.  The “darling hubby” (DH) was watching with me and sharing his views as well so you might see those comments here and there.  My two dogs didn’t lift their heads from slumber at all during the show so no one was totally terrible to get their attention.    😉

So, from my neck of the woods ( I actually live an hour from Boston), here’s what I heard and saw this first IDOL night:

1 -Janet  McNamara // pull up those jeans up, girlfriend, because we almost had embarrassing butt-cleavage.  I just knew that she was gonna be a trainwreck from the word GO.  Too bizzaro for me. Buh-bye!

2 – Maddy Curtis // “tug at your heart strings” back story.  Only 16 year old but she’s  got a sweet voice and demeanor to match with a little bit of soul as well.  Off to Hollywood with her!

3 – Pat Ford // Ok,  a GLEE geek if I ever saw one – complete with bad riser choreography.  Not happening here.

4 – Jennifer Herch //she has a nice jazz feel to her voice – loved the unusual version of  “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”

5 – Claire Fuller // strong country sounding vocals but could be a forgettable performance

6 – Jess Wolfe — soulful voice with good control. I wouldn’t mind hearing more from her

7 – Amadeo DiRocco // this gumba is from Providence, go figure – (looked more like Johnston to me and I was correct!) – he’s actually pretty good – a little affected but a good strong voice – Hollywood won’t know what hit it…

8 – Derek Hilton //  white guy can’t sing like black guy trying to sing a gay Brit’s song – that may not have been politically correct but it is a pretty accurate assessment of what I heard.

9 – Mere Doyle // ok, screaming is NOT my cup of tea and I’d love to talk with her vocal coaches about that audition.

10 – Luke Shaffer // 1st guy tonight with some real vocal chops.

11 – Ben Bright // nice, old school vocals

12 – Andrew Fenlon // too much ‘tude for me – Simon & Kara had every right to get in his face – trying to be Michael Buble and failing miserably – and yet he was totally clueless as to why he didn’t make it.  Needs to buy an attitude adjustment or enroll in a charm school course.

13 – Bill Bloom // uh, no.  Just no.

14 – Michael Ryan // musical theatre geek in the negative sense of the term – NO

15 – Ashley Rodriguez // big, solid soulful sound with definite commercial value.   She could be a contender

16 – Tyler Grady // white boy with soul – BIG surprise – retro hip with a good voice to match and very polite, too.  I liked this one.

17 –  Lisa Oliveira // I had a vision of this chick not going to Hollywood – by the way, she mispronounced the town where she is from (Bill-er-ric-ca??).  Not a real New Englander, if you ask me.

18 – Ryan Keane – ouch

19 – Mike Davis // he’s got the Bahston accent down, that’s for sure – a little rough in the  pitch department to start but he settled down and actually grew on me.

20 – Katie Stevens // another touching back story.  It’s a  young voice with lots of different colors and she’s 1/2 Portuguese, too!  That gets points in my book.  She’s one to keep an eye on.

21 – Joshua Blaylock // thin but good country vocal sound.  Also a very likable guy.

22 – Justin Williams // Another LDS boy with a good back story who was also in the top 50 last year.  However I do LOVE  this guy’s voice!!!!!  Was the talk of Twitter this evening so that should help him.

23 – Norberto Guerrero // what’s with the hair, dude? – weird, surreal voice (DH said it was like fingernails on a blackboard)

24 – Bosa Mora // easy listening voice – a little lacking in the stage presence department but that could be fixed by Hollywood.

25 – Leah Laurenti // one big, old voice with lots of control and color. I would watch this one very closely, however she needs more stage presence and confidence if she wants to succeed.

There you have it – my first review of the new season.  Can I keep up with the pace?  How long will it take me to write my next installment since I can’t watch it live tomorrow night?  How many times will Simon and I agree this season?  Can I ever agree with Ellen?  Will my gal Kara keep raising the bar for both contestants and judges?

You gotta come back for those answers and more!  See ya!

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Come one, come all! The Live Blogging experiment continues tomorrow night at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST. Just click here and join the fun! I make lots of irreverent comments, take polls, show videos, and everyone can add their own POV to the proceedings. What better way to watch IDOL than with others!

See you there — carry on!


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“Yo, Adrianne…!” Idol is back and if the first two shows are any indication, it’s a leaner and less meaner edition of what we’ve come to know and love over the last six seasons.  A balanced package of good and bad auditions, more heart wrenching background stories from the get-go and Simon grows a sympathetic hearts?  YIKES!  It’s Christmas all over again! 


So far I’m digging what has come out of the first four hours and first two audition stops – ok, we had to have the obligatory bad impressions of Kelly Clarkson hits as well as shots of crowds in hot stadium seats singing for the cameras  but for the most part, the editing was tighter and moved through the worst folks faster than Taylor Hicks was dropped from this label (big mistake, Arista, but that’s another blog).  We haven’t seen anyone with instruments yet, but hopefully that is forthcoming.  I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing some good musicianship but I am struggling a little with the number of semi-pros supposedly auditioning and making it to Hollywood (Carly Hennessey and Kristy Lee Cook come to mind).  I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to wanting to find the best UNTAPPED talent in AMERICA but some of the back-stories  are  compelling enough on these folks to want to give them a shot.  I guess I’ll wait and see if Hollywood takes some of them out and see who makes the top 50(?) this season.  Now, I still wish they would bring back the wildcard round…


Let’s get on to my 10 second takes on the featured contestants from the first two stops.  First up…


“Philadelphia Freedom, shine on me…”


Joey Catalano – “the biggest loser…NOT!”

I was pleasantly surprised by the nice, smooth voice  because after the build-up I wasn’t sure what would come out of his mouth.  For a change I wasn’t disappointed by the great personal package/bad voice syndrome — and he’s a gentleman to boot!  Looking for more good things to come from this young man in Hollywood.


Yuka – “walk like an Egyptian”

Wasthis guy for real???  Likes Mr. Bee Gees, eh?  Ouch.  At least Simon didn’t totally blast him for being a bad singer.


Melanie Nyema – “Taylor’s Backup singer”

Up beat personality… nice voice… but Mindy Doo she ain’t.  Bit of a let down.


James Lewis – “the tour guide”

Anyone who says he’s unique makes me nervous – Moses couldn’t go down any further that where that dude sent him.  The canary yellow suit didn’t help, either.  Reminded me of LOUD MOUTH FROG


1st set of forgettables:

Nick Stano – “Clay Aiken, he ain’t”

Sybill White – “too many musical personalities to deal with”

Zhengzhong Yu – “too sing song for me…”


1st set of brief but great voices:

Junot Joyner – “now THAT’S what I call the blues…”

Jose Candelaria – Even in Spanish, it was good!

Jonathan Baines – I liked this kid a lot!


Temptress Browne – “Mama’s little Linebacker”

In waaay over her head but what a sweet girl.  Simon really was nice to her and I like that he’s showing  his humanity a bit more, particularly with those who aren’t trying to use the show for their 15 minutes of fame (nah…folks don’t really DO that DO THEY?)


Mark Hayes – “he thinks he’s funny… HA!”

Never sing a Christmas song to audition…doesn’t work unless you’re Bing Crosby.


“Udi” Sampat – “Hammer-time?”

Sings like an accountant and I should know (my hubby is one and he can’t sing either!)  Nice, delusional fellow who should stick to counting beans.


Alexis Cohen – “one scary vet”

Sings on pitch and could make it as a cover band singer but definitely NOT as an AI contestant. However, how much do the producers wind these people up?  It’s just not necessary and it’s NOT good TV, trust me.


Angela Martin – “a good mother”

Good, strong voice but I agree with Simon that she needs to lose the “wedding singer” posture and develop her own style.  Her back story will have everyone rooting for her and her daughter.


Loud — LoudER – LOUDEST!

Alyse Wojciechowski

Teresa Anello

Brandi Park


And in the totally WEIRD category…

Milo Turk – “the worst singer-songwriter EVAH!”


Kristy Lee Cook – “Outback cage-fighter”

Very country, mellow alto, more like Carrie than Kellie.  I didn’t notice the 60’s vibe but on second listen, I could hear it. She could also be our first “ringer” of the season – someone who has already tried to make it and failed.  We’ll see.


Ben Haar – “A Max Klinger wanna-be”

Any guy who dresses like Princess Lea and looks like Jabba the Hut is bucking for a Section 8!


Pedro Rivera – in a word, NO!


Shekhinah Bathyehudah – “Channeling Patti LaBelle…”

…and badly, I might add.


Paul Marturano – “Paula’s latest stalker”

He actually has a decent voice but the song was way too creepy – ingenious but creepy nonetheless.


Beth Stalker – “Little Liz”

Lovely alto voice that’s more suited for cabaret work but Randy & Paula put her through anyway.  Shouldn’t make it past the Hollywood Round.


Chris Watson – “A legend in his own mind…”

…but he CAN sing and he IS good.  Hubby thinks he’s a pretty boy and I agree.  Hopefully the judges will chew him up and spit him out in Hollywood.


Christina Tolisano – “Princess Lea, duh…”

A strangely, wooden performance.  She can sing but had no affect whatsoever.  The costume did in any legit chance of getting the judges’ attention.


Brooke White – “the Nanny”

Sweet voice and heartfelt deliver.  She’s GOT to be a Mormon.  Reports are that she’s another ringer.  Hummm…


After Philly, the groups heads south:

“It’s a kinder, gentler audition process deep in the heart of Texas…”


Jessica Brown – “Rehab Momma”

Compelling back story, seemed to catch the attention of the judges from the get-go,

nice, country sounding voice – sounds like a recipe for a golden ticket.  Wonder if she’ll get through the Hollywood Round unscathed? 


Paul Stafford – “big time baseball man”

Elliot Yamin he is NOT but seems like a lot of fun to hang with. 


Beth Maddocks – “Kelly wanna-be”

A “disaster” of an audition, fur sure.  High, shrill and lifeless. No ma’am.


Esteban Deanda

Victoria Metz                3 “bad” (and not in a good way) Amigos

Drucilla Wideman


Alaina Whitaker – “Carrie looks like her”

Big, strong country vocal with a big, strong country ego to match.  Will probably go out clubbing in Hollywood instead of practicing because she obviously doesn’t need it…*ugh*


Gregory & Mia Tobias – “Opera twins”

It sounded like a butchered version of something from “A Light in the Piazza” but it was so bad I really can’t be sure.  Opera it wasn’t.  Confusing it was!


Bruce Dickson – “The 19 year old Virgin”

Ok, this back story is the oddest one I’ve seen in the seven years of Idol.  I thought he shouted too much but I thought he had a good voice.


Pia Easley – “a model background singer”

Looks a bit butch for me but she has a great sound.  Ought to be interesting when she gets to Hollywood.


Brandon Green – “a most unusual collector”

I can’t resist but… at least it wasn’t like nails on a chalkboard!  I thought he shouted a tad and he didn’t need to because he could hit those notes but he sounded good.


Kayla Hatfield – “a true survivor”

Wow! Another Joplin clone but this one had more of the voice to handle the song and got the sympathy vote from Simon, no less.  Won’t last past Hollywood.


Another group of “thanks, but no thanks…”

Erick Maudlin

Charles Markham

Tristan Clements


Kady Malloy – “a very impressionable gal”

She has a great voice and can mimic some of the recent “greats.”  The advice they gave her should be taken as gospel before she gets to Hollywood.


Douglas Davidson – “I don’t want what he’s on”

Too weird for words and a monotone to boot.  Just what was in that water bottle? By the way, didn’t he look a little like Bill Gates to you?  


Angela Reilly – “the newlywed”

Another wedding singer but with worse moves.  At least she could carry a tune but not very far.  No need to but the new hubby on the spot – how rude!


Kyle Ensley – “the politico-in-training”

Broadway nerd meets QUEEN – yikes! BUT…he did have a decent voice and sang with conviction ( I disagree with the academic comment).  Won’t last past Hollywood but he will be interesting to watch. 


Tammy Tuzinski – “her heart will go on…but her voice…”

Is there a personality in this person?  Or a voice?  Talk about your “deer in headlights.”  Unfortunately, that was painful.


Colton Swon –

Whoa!  Strong voice, different hair but you can tell he’s in a bar band.  I’m glad he went through on his talent but Hollywood will be another story.


Ok, what was with all the cross-gender craziness?  Stoopid.


Drew Poppelreiter – “I guess his tractor’s sexy…”

All-American boy with a decent voice  who will get chewed up and spit out in Hollywood. 


Kyle Reinneck – “guy-liner from hell”

Rocker dude with a bottle tan?  I’m confused.  And the singing (or lack thereof) confused me even more.  Daughtry has nothing to worry about.


I was waiting for the Kelly Clarkson tribute and I wasn’t disappointed – drat!


Nina Shaw – “Kelly’s Homegirl”

What’s with the “old fashioned” critique?  I’m with Randy on this one – I liked her voice.  I think they made her a tad nervous with all the bantering before she sang (rewind it and see what I mean) and that may have taken some wind out of her sails but I figured she’d at least make it to Hollyweird.  From there, it’s anyone guess…


Renaldo Lapuz – “Liberace Meets William Hung!”

Well, at least he sang with conviction and reckless abandon…AND…he got a hug from Simon (priceless!).  Now, let’s all link arms and sing…”I AM YOUR BROTHER…”


Next stop – SAN DIEGO and the return of the Statute of Liberty…See you then!



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    Happy New Year!

    I know I have been away far too long from my AI friends and fans so I guess this is as good a time as any to start cranking up the creative wheels again and get this blog back on a regular schedule. Speaking of schedules, I’m sure most of you saw that FOX has released the broadcast schedule for season 7 of Idol and I was VERY glad to see the Hollywood rounds getting two episodes again instead of last season’s disappointing one. Now in case you’re one of the three people who haven’t seen the press release, I’ll post it here so you can reference it throughout the season:



    2008 American Idol Season 7 Schedule

    Tuesday, January 15

    Auditions (Philly)

    Wednesday, January 16

    Auditions (Dallas)

    Tuesday, January 22

    Auditions (San Diego)

    Wednesday, January 23

    Auditions (Charleston)

    Tuesday, January 29

    Auditions (Omaha)

    Wednesday, January 30

    Auditions  (Miami)

    Tuesday, February 5

    Auditions  (Atlanta)

    Wednesday, February 6

    Auditions (Could be “Best of the Worst” – I hate those!)

    Tuesday, February 12

    Hollywood Part 1

    Wednesday, February 13

    Hollywood Part 2 – Top 24 Revealed

    Tuesday, February 19

    Top 12 Males

    Wednesday, February 20

    Top 12 Females

    Thursday, February 21

    Top 24 Elimination

    Tuesday, February 26

    Top 10 Males

    Wednesday, February 27

    Top 10 Females

    Thursday, February 28

    Top 20 Elimination

    Tuesday, March 4

    Top 8 Males

    Wednesday, March 5

    Top 8 Females

    Thursday, March 6

    Top 16 Elimination – Top 12 established

    Tuesday, March 11

    Top 12 Perform

    Wednesday, March 12

    Top 12 Elimination

    Tuesday, March 18

    Top 11 Perform

    Wednesday, March 19

    Top 11 Elimination

    Tuesday, March 25

    Top 10 Perform

    Wednesday, March 26

    Top 10 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 1

    Top 9 Perform

    Wednesday, April 2

    Top 9 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 8

    Top 8 Perform

    Wednesday, April 9

    Idol Gives Back 2

    Thursday, April 10

    Top 8 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 15

    Top 7 Perform

    Wednesday, April 16

    Top 7 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 22

    Top 6 Perform

    Wednesday, April 23

    Top 6 Elimination

    Tuesday, April 29

    Top 5 Perform

    Wednesday, April 30

    Top 5 Elimination

    Tuesday, May 6

    Top 4 Perform

    Wednesday, May 7

    Top 4 Elimination

    Tuesday, May 13

    Top 3 Perform

    Wednesday, May 14

    Top 3 Elimination

    Tuesday, May 20

    Final 2 Perform

    Wednesday, May 21

    Season Finale & Winner


    Other than another installment of Idol Gives Back, which I have mixed feelings about, it should be another interesting year of bad auditions, questionable judging and America getting it wrong at least ten times, if not more. Has Idol become predictable? In a way, yes — but it still manages to provide enough angst and raw emotions from both contestants and viewers to keep it the main topic of water cooler conversation from January to May. Couple that with the lack of any viable competition due to the writers’ strike and it should top the Nielsen’s easily again this year. There will, however, be some changes and additions and I am looking forward to them. From what we already know:


    ****Less focus on guest mentors and more on the contestants themselves in an effort to get to know them better. I would hate to see the producers do away with mentors altogether (especially the music god himself, Barry Manilow, who is due for another visit this year) because some of them, like Barry, really do care about the kids and want to see them do their best. However, last year’s over-emphasis, I believe, did take away from getting to see the contestants as regular folks just like us and allowed one very charismatic individual to get more attention for his non-singing antics than he deserved. Let’s hope the producers have learned a lesson from this.


    ****Allowing the contestants to show other sides of their musical abilities is certainly a welcome addition. Most of the other big Idol franchises already allow this and I believe it does help show how musically well rounded an individual is or isn’t. As a musician myself, I think it takes a lot more than a pretty voice to make it BIG in music or to achieve longevity in this field. Building on skills and gifts, as well as the occasional reinvention of the artists, helps to keep their creativity alive and, hopefully, keeps them out of becoming boring or trite to the listening and buying public. Since most Idol contestants haven’t traditionally had much experience or “dues paying” prior to being on the show (there are exceptions, obviously), they seem to lack the staying power of others who have taken awhile to “make it.” However, the public seems to think that if a musician isn’t ALWAYS in the news or on TV or on the radio that they have somehow “failed” at making a career of music – which is not necessarily true. Being able to judge a contestant’s full musical potential may begin to tip the scales away from those with just great voices and towards the “total musical package” types – something that may not be a bad thing. I guess we’ll have to see what the producers put forward this year for us to judge (and it had better be better than last year…).



    If you’re like me, with the holidays now a fond memory and the writers’ strike making TV more of a vast wasteland, you’re just as anxious for Idol to get going. It’s only a little longer, folks… get those TiVOs and DVRs primed and ready… we’re almost there and I’M READY! Are you?


    Carry on!



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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28  /PRNewswire/ — American Idol Rewind is back, and this time the popular syndicated series will highlight Season 2, the year that put American Idol on the map with legendary talent and unprecedented ratings. Premiering Saturday, September 29th in most syndicated markets nationwide, American Idol Rewind will feature an introduction from Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, narration by runner-up Clay Aiken and the best never-before-seen clips and interviews to-date.


This year on American Idol Rewind, viewers will get to see all-new, exclusive interviews with over 30 contestants from Season 2 as they sit down and reveal what it was like to be a part of the American Idol experience. American Idol Rewind will catch up with Top 12 contestants — Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke, Josh Gracin, Trenyce (Cobbins), Carmen Rasmusen, Kimberly Caldwell, Rickey Smith, Corey Clark, Julia DeMato, Charles Grigsby and Vanessa Olivarez — as they reveal their personal take on what really happened during Season 2 and how they felt during the audition process and Hollywood Rounds.  Rewind will also highlight other Idol contestants who made it through to Hollywood, along with those who failed “spectacularly,” and will recap the episodes that helped secure everyone’s favorite series into television history.


In the September 29th premiere, viewers are greeted by Idol winner Ruben Studdard as he introduces the new season.  Viewers will then hear from runner-up Clay Aiken, as he guides us through all seven audition cities and looks back on where American Idol Season 2 began its new search for the next music superstar.  In New York City, Simon, Paula and Randy have high expectations, hoping the city that never sleeps will provide a wealth of talent.  Between the bad and the very bad, it doesn’t take long before the judges let the contestants know what awaits them in the audition room if they can’t deliver.  Some will make it through, others will head home and, in the tradition of American Idol, everyone will walk away with something to say.


American Idol Rewind is nationally syndicated and premieres on Saturday, September 29th.  Airtime varies by market; check local listings or visit http://www.tvguide.com/listings for more information.


American Idol Rewind is produced by American Idol producers FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment and distributed by Tribune Entertainment.


Pasted from <http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/news_press_release,187978.shtml>


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With the 7th Season of American Idol looming the distance, the Rewind of Season 2 just about to premiere, and other Idol competitions going on continually around the globe, I’ve been doing some thinking about the franchise in general and our version in particular. From what I’ve read, not all Idol competitions are conducted in the same way – for example, contestants in other countries are allowed to play instruments while performing. Also, over the last 6 seasons, there has been a lot of adjustments made in the American format, some good and others not so good.

Since the last season brought much criticism and lower ratings, perhaps this is a good time for the average fan like myself to play “Thursday morning director” and make some suggestions as to how the show can improve before it begins its next outing. Who knows – maybe someone will be listening…?

Here are three suggestions for the honorable producers to consider – if they haven’t already done so:

1) Bring back the Wildcard round!
I believe this step in the competition was used for the first 3 seasons and then dropped in favor of the 12 guys/12 girls elimination. I think it could still be used because it could give one guy and gal, particularly one who may not have gotten a lot of air time up to this point, another chance at the final 12. Remember, if it weren’t for the wildcard, Clay Aiken would never have made the finals in Season 2.

2) Bring back the Guest Judge/Mentor!
I know I’m bias but Barry Manilow is the best example of this. When he was asked to be a judge in Season 3 he asked if he could work with the contestants and the rest is Idol history. However, probably because of Simon’s alleged dislike of guest judges, the mentors only show up to work with the group and then disappear (or reappear on the results show to hawk their new CD). I believe if a mentor has spent time helping the cast, he or she should get a final say on their performance. It also gives the fans another view of the performance, especially during the middle of the season when we are sick of the usual “I’m feeling it, dawg,” “You’re so special” and “You’ll never make it in this competition” type of dribble. A fresh set of ears is a blessing at that point. (BTW, Barry was on Seasons 3 & 5 so that means he should be back again this year – especially if there is a 70’s night! He has proven to be the best mentor on the show.)

3) Give us less bad auditions and more of the Hollywood Rounds!
Last year the producers, in perhaps a drunken stupor, decided to chop up the Hollywood Rounds and condense them into one night because it wasn’t “good TV” – thus not allowing the fans to see more of the talent or back stories of the contestants (a HUGE complaint about Season6 in general). The editors should be able to combine and compile enough film on these rounds to both keep us interested and provide us with the emotional angst to get us behind our favorites. On the flip side, the ever increasing number of bad audition shows really don’t keep fan tuned in the rest of the season because the folks who fancy those episodes are all about watching train wrecks than good singing. The fans who vote passionately are the ones that should be served or they will continue to fall away as they did last season.

Ultimately, the main focus should always be on the contestants and their quest for the title. The more we know about them and their road to Idol, the more invested we become in their outcome. The show has proven that it can produce that type of TV and get both great ratings and loyal viewer. They can do it again. I’m sure of it. Sometimes returning to one’s roots is the best thing.

Now, may some of you out there have your own “three wishes” for the upcoming season so why not share your vision with the rest of us? Let us and TPTB know your concerns and maybe it will help to give Idol the boost it needs going into Season 7. Leave your comments below and let the voice of the people be heard!

Carry on!

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So, tonight we watched the Final 40 become the Top 24.  Surprises?  We had a few.  But, then again, too few to mention (I couldn’t resist).  Seriously, let’s take a look at the REAL American Idol 6 Top 24:



Alaina Alexander

This one will go home in the first round – not impressed with her voice or delivery from the little I heard

Antonella Barba

While I like her, there may have been others who deserved the spot this year instead of her.  She DID forget the words a bit too much and if she continues she won’t last long. Two words: Melissa McGee

Melinda Doolittle

So glad she continued to do well in Hollywood.  She is top 12 material for sure.

Stephanie Edwards

Another one I was not impressed with.  Maybe I’ll change my mind with a longer listen next week?

Gina Glocksen

This year’s Amy Adams and I’m still not getting all excited about her. 

Leslie Hunt

Where has this one been hiding?  She has a nice alto voice and I WAS impressed.  I want to hear more and wonder why they kept her under wraps until now.

Lakisha Jones

I like this one — she has moxie and a very grounded attitude.  Another top 12 contender.

Amy Krebs

As Randy would say, “just aiiight.” Nothing to write home about.

Hailey Scarnato

She was good but there’s something about her that doesn’t draw me in.  Maybe that will change.  Maybe not.

Sabrina Sloan

I predict this one will go home in the second round. Nothing special here.

Jordin Sparks

She’s his year’s Princess P without the ‘tude.  I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far but since she is the youngest, I believe, she will be dealing with more pressure than she’s probably used to.  I hope she can pull it out to make the Top 12.

Nicole Tranquillo

Another hidden talent and I liked what I heard.  Looking forward to hearing more.



Rudy Cardenas

Cute, in that boy band sorta way, and can sing.  Should do well with the viewers.  I’m not sure if I like him or not

Jared Cotter

I really don’t like having someone in the Top 24 that we really haven’t heard before.  Doesn’t seem fare to him or the viewers. 

Sundance Head

I’m not sure he really earned his spot but I’m kinda glad he made it because I like his style.  We’ll see if he can deliver the goods to go further.

Paul Kim

I really like him because he’s a little different from the others.  I wonder if he’ll have enough support to get him to the Top 12 since he’s had limited exposure?

Blake Lewis

The beat box boy made it!  Woo hoo!  Now, can he sing his way into the Top 12?  I hope so.

Sanjaya Malakar

He’s got the purest tenor voice in the competition and I think he’s the youngest of the guys so he’ll have plenty of pressure to be good.  He’s a fan favorite from what I can see so at least he’ll have the backing for awhile.

Nick Pedro

I love it when another homey makes good!  That the 2nd one in the Top 24 in 2 years.  I’m looking forward to seeing him make it to the Top 12 because he’s just enough of a chameleon singer to pull it off.

Chris Richardson

Brendan Rogers

Can’t judge these two because I really haven’t heard enough.  Ugh.

Chris Sligh

This year’s Taylor Hicks but with a killer sense of humor and a slightly better voice.  He’ll need it to take all the crap Simon will sling at him.  I predict this one will go at least into the Top 5. 

Phil Stacy

I like his voice but can he bring it every week, especially with a newborn?  We shall see.

AJ Tabaldo

Again, another one I can’t judge because of lack of air time.  I hate that!


Now, there are a few that, IMHO, should have made it instead of some others:


Matt Buckstein

Did they only bring him back because of last year’s appearances or was he good enough to go this far?  Or did they not want a country singer this year?  Hey, at least Carrie thanked them when she won the Grammys…

Marissa Rhodes

I really liked what I heard from her and she was certainly better than at least 4 of the ones who did make it.  I don’t know what the judges are looking for sometimes.

Tommy Daniels

I want him to come back next year and try again.  I liked him and I would have chosen him over some of the other boys.  Again, I don’t get it.


Well, there are our Top 24 for this season.  Next week the REAL fun begins. I can’t wait!!!


 Hopefully I will be able to start cranking out my video podcasts to coincide with the next phase of the competition but if, for some reason, it doesn’t happen I will definitely launch the broadcasts by the beginning of the Top 12.  You know how real life can be…


Carry on!

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“I saw some things tonight I’ve never seen

Things are going on I can’t believe

I get this crazy feeling I should leave

No one goes but me



It was a Hollywood situation

It was a Hollywood situation

I am a Hollywood sensation” (Hollywood Situation by the Hudson Brothers)




I read in many places that Nigel Lytgoe stated that the show was only spending one night on the Hollyweird auditions because the weren’t exciting. I don’t believe that for a second. These are the same dumb a** folks who think that spending SEVEN nights on BAD auditions makes for better TV. Puleeze. We got the bum’s rush through four days of competition and, frankly, I would have loved to have heard and seen at least as much as last year. I went back to my notes from Season 5’s “Hell Week” and there was plenty more material to work with. We got gypped, that’s for sure! I think it’s about time the public starts voting with their TV’s and letting the Idol PTB know that their constant “bait and switch” is getting lame.



Because of the lack of real musical moments to work with, I’m going to use the 2 leaked Top 24 lists I posted and match them against what happened in this episode. Let’s start with the one I posted along with my notes on the Birmingham audition —



1. – Sanjaya Malakar

Yep, we had to endure the heartbreak of his sister not making the cut and I knew that would happen. He was the better of the two and since there were twice as many gals as guys, I was sure that all the really good guys would stick around.

2. – Sundance Head

Ouch — they should have trucked out last year’s constant drone “Bad Day” for this dude. Here’s a very talented guy who started doing the choke when he needed to step up his game — at least that’s what they showed us. However, when I saw him in the “these folks are safe” room, I figured he pulled it out in the end. Besides, they needed all the very talented guys…

3. – Phil Stacy

            He wasn’t highlighted and I’m not sure I saw him. I heard he was

possibly disqualified so I’ll be interested in seeing how this plays out tomorrow night.

4. – Matthew Buckstein

            He’s baaaaack but we didn’t hear him sing. Hummmm…

5. – Thomas Daniels

           Another one not heard from.

6. – Nick Pedro

Heard him a little but I’ve got a good feeling — that, and the fact that

my local Fox station is starting to feature him like they did Ayla Brown last season.

7. – Chris Sligh

            Was there ever a doubt about him? Watch this one very carefully…

8. – Chris Richardson

9. – Brandon Rogers

Two more not heard from. Not sure what that means.

10. – Rudy Cardenas

11. – Blake Lewis

12. – Tom Lowe

These 3 were part of the foursome (along with Chris Sligh) that WOWed the judges in the group audition and this was the first time we heard Tom Lowe (who is now rumored to be someone who was planted by Simon) actually sing — and there wasn’t much to go by.  If you really want to hear him sing then scroll down this blog for the You Tube video of his audition that was not shown in the States but was viewed in the UK version of the show. There’s something about that boy that doesn’t sit right with me and I wonder if the producers are doing something on purpose to spice up the show. Can’t they just leave well enough alone and concentrate on the SINGING COMPETITION aspect??




1. – Denise Jackson

I believe she was the crack baby — didn’t see her.

2. – Melinda Doolittle

We saw her happy face but did not hear her sing. Too bad — I like her

a lot and she’s another one to watch.

3. – Leslie ?


4. – Gina Glockshen

I can’t figure out why folks are so high on her? She’s an ok singer,

looks like a rocker and has a “take no prisoners” personality. Hasn’t

made an impression musically on me yet and didn’t impress me

overall last year.

5. – Perla Meneses

SOOOOOOO glad to see this one take a walk. The Shakira clone was

starting to get on my last nerve.

6. – Anna Kearnes


7. – Antonella Barba

I’m not happy that the producers tried to make her look as shallow and callous as her gal pal Amanda (who I was HAPPY to see get “das boot” after her remarks about Baylie Brown). This gal has real talent and could make the Top 12 — unless THEY don’t want her to. Here we go again…

8. – Jordin Sparks

9. – Heather Reed

10. – Laura Gossett

We may have seen them fly by in montages but didn’t hear from them. I still want to hear more from Jordin because I really liked what I saw the first time.

11. – Jory Steinberg

This was the shock of the night for me. I thought for sure this gal was a lock on the 24 because of her past and the fact that she fit the pop diva mold. Who knew the judges would pass on this one.

12. – April Walsh





Now I’ll comment on the other list I posted — but only those who I haven’t talked about above:




* Top 24 spoiled by RickyHoeGuardian



1. A.J. Tabaldo — who?

2. Blake Lewis — can a beat boxer make it to the Top 12? I wonder…

3. Brandon Rogers***

4. Chris Sligh***

5. Christopher “Chris” Richardson***

6. Jared “J.L.” Cotter — did see or hear this one

7. Jason “Sundance” Head***

8. Nicholas “Nick” Pedro***

9. Paul Kim — I really liked him and saw him in the “good” room so I have a good feeling.

10. Rudolpho “Rudy” Cardenas***

11. Sanjaya Malakar***

12. Philip “Phil” Joel Stacey (Possibly Disqualified) – now, I’ve heard that

he actually was brought back to replace a disqualified Tommy Daniels, so

which one is it?





1. Alaina Alexander

2. Amy — Not sure who these gals are

3. Antonella Barba***

4. Gina Glocksen***

5. Hailey/Haley — ah, the wedding singer with cleavage. Missed her in all the rush…

6. Jordin Sparks***

7. Lakeesha Young

8. Leslie Hunt — nada on them either

9. Melinda Doolittle ***

10 Nicole

11. Sabrina Scherff/Sloan

12. Stephanie Edwards — these last three are new, I think.




Now, there are some fan favs still unaccounted for: what about Rachel Zevita, the opera student who could see just about anything? Of that cute adopted boy Jenry Bejarano? Also, while we did see Sean Michel before the group round, I didn’t notice him in any of the rooms — did he make it through to the 40? I’m beginning to think that the producers are losing touch with what the viewer REALLY want to see and are only concentrating on what THEY think makes good TV. I’d be careful here because viewers will start to tune out.


Perhaps the folks at realitytvmagazine.com are right — maybe the show needs to bring back the Wild Card Round!! Remember Clay Aiken? He was brought back after being cut in the Top 32 and made it to runner up in Season 2. THAT’S good TV!




BTW, I feel bad that Baylie was cut after the “group from hell” round. She’s only 16 and it was obvious to me that she choked under pressure but it’s unfortunate that she ended up with a gal in her group who was out for herself and her friend (maybe) and thought she was good enough to sink someone she saw as a threat, which is what she did. I hope Baylie puts it all together, tries out again next year and sings the socks off of the judges.




Can’t wait to see how tonight unfolds. Carry on, my valentines, until then!

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