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And so it begins again…Season Seven’s Top 12 showdown commenced tonight with a new intro and a new soundstage.  Mildly impressive on both accounts if I do say so.  Very futuristic looking but after about five seasons of looking the same, anything is a welcomed improvement.


However, what I wanted to be impressed with was the way the contestants would handle the very impressive Lennon and McCartney songbook.  With more number ones than any other songwriters, bar none, these songs are very well known and have been covered time and time again by countless singers, as well as slaughtered endlessly by many a karaoke barfly.  As I thought, there would be some passable performances, a few large clunkers and a BIG surprise performance or two.


I wasn’t disappointed in the least.


So, without further ado, here was the view from my red leather comfy couch for this evening:


Syesha MercadoGot to Get You Into My Life

Not what I had picked for her and while her vocals on the verses got lost in the orchestration (and lost their pitch along the way), she funked it up enough to make a decent impression.   Randy and Paula were lukewarm but Simon loved it – who knew?  IMHO, Chikezie  might have done it better but we’ll never know.  The big question – did she make a good enough “going first” impression  to keep her in the competition another week?  We shall see…


ChikezieShe’s a Woman

Now here’s a real obscure one and the twist from bluegrass to punk was brilliant!  He handled both ends of the vocal spectrum like a seasoned performer – I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!   Even Simon agreed!  That was a slam dunk vocally, visually and totally made up for him not singing my pick.  I think I may have underestimated this boy and I’m looking for much more from him in the weeks to come.


Ramiele MalubayIn My Life

I wasn’t sure someone would dare trot out this weeper but I’ll admit that she sang it with true heart and conviction.  It was downright sweet with no vocal problems I could hear.  I thought she was smart to give it a straight delivery but as I could have predicted, the judges hated it thoroughly.  These three don’t like anything that smells of B-O-R-I-N-G and I hope she gets the sympathy vote because it wasn’t that bad!!!!


Jason CastroIf I Fell

I had considered this one for him but I wasn’t sure what kind of shape his falsetto was in to pull it off successfully.  He might have done a little better job with it had he been standing and not sitting to play his guitar (which I do give him props for using on the first finals show).  As for the song itself, I have to agree with Randy about not changing up such a familiar melody and with Simon that it was good enough to keep him another week but nothing more.  He’s young…he’ll learn…


Carly SmithsonCome Together

Interesting…and absolutely SMASHING!!!  It was vocally amazing because she didn’t scream it but rather sang it with conviction and diva strength power.  That was the RIGHT song for her, it really was and with the Brit-stamp-of -approval, she should be around until the bitter end.  I’m liking her a lot, even if she IS a ringer  😉


David Cook  Eleanor Rigby

Well, I held my breath on this one – afraid that I would experience the grunge version of this classic and instead I got the Daughtry version of it.  The orchestration overwhelmed his vocals on the verses and I had to strain to hear the words but he did rock the refrain AND he did it sans the axe.  I give him some props for that.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call it brilliant but he didn’t kill it so he’ll be around for awhile.


Brooke WhiteLet it Be

Was she struggling to breathe sitting at the piano and playing or was that song sitting too low for her – or both?  I just did NOT dig her performance tonight at all even if it was heartfelt and sincere.  I really like her but I may be the only one who didn’t what she did with this song tonight.  Remember, music IS subjective…


David HernandezI Saw Her Standing There

I accidentally left him off my list last night but I had chosen either Yesterday or Help for him and since I haven’t done well at all tonight in matching the songs with the singers I didn’t expect to score big here.  Little did I know the child would take one of my favorite Beatle songs and run it literally into the ground.  Vocally it was weak, the runs were overdone, and it wasn’t a convincing performance overall – thank you, Randy, Paula and Simon (I’ll buy the desperate angle on this one) for agreeing with me!  He could be bubble material tonight for sure. 


Amanda OvermyerYou Can’t Do That

Another obscure selection that got the sassy rock treatment from Ms. Gravel Voice.  It sure stirred up the crowd but I would have preferred Get Back from her.  It was just “aw-ight” for me and maybe because I knew the original well, coupled with the fact that she blew the roof off last week I just didn’t warm up to it as others did.  Well, at least Simon agreed with me…what does THAT say?


Michael JohnsAcross the Universe

To quote the Brit, “are you serious?”  Not one of my favorites from the collection, that’s for sure, but I will admit it was sincere, compelling and for the first time, a strong vocally melodic performance.  I disagree with the boys and firmly agree with Paula (yikes!) – it takes a lot to step to center

stage and sing with quiet conviction and in spite of the vapid song, he did rather well.  He’s a keeper for the time being.


Kristy Lee CookEight Days a Week

Hummm…a country version complete with fiddles and choo-choo train rhythms…I don’t think it worked because her vocals were not up to the task at all – the arrangement overshadowed anything that she could have done.  It was more of a train-wreck than anything else and since she’s been on the bubble a bit the last few weeks she might just have cancelled herself out with this one.  She was the vocal “weak link” of the evening for sure.


David ArchuletaWe Can Work it Out

The heir apparent gets the pimp spot this week and when I heard he was singing the Stevie Wonder soul version of this tune, I just wasn’t sure the young one could pull it off.  Unfortunately, for the first time, he let them see him sweat.  Ouch!  He dropped the words in both the first and second verses and was a little all over the boards vocally.  He obviously was NOT comfortable with the song or the genre and he did let it show in his performance.  This is where we finally saw the 17-year-old insecure teen that I knew was in there somewhere.  Will this performance get him “das boot” this week?  Hardly.  But he has to watch his back now because no less than four other contestants are moving up the ladder rapidly and could pass him if he has another bad week or two.  PS – he should have done Can’t Buy Me Love…but what do I know…


So, my first bottom feeder three of the Season Seven finals are:

David Hernandez

Kristy Lee Cook

Syesha Mercado

with “das boot” going to the train wrecked Kristy Lee Cook. 


Carry on!



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Notes from my comfy bed this evening courtesy of my laptop, DVR and Slingbox (best gadget ever invented!)


Kristy Lee Cook – Rescue Me

Hummm…the gals are sure in it to win it tonight.  Even with an obvious cold, she sounded and performed better than three quarters of last night’s male contestants.   I liked the country color she brought to this golden oldie and she’s a contenda fur sure!  I might agree with the wrong song choice but I felt she did the best she could with what she had. 



Joanne Borgella – I Say A Little Prayer

Whoa – she’d better be really sick because that was NOT a good performance and I think she can do better.  Pitch problems, low energy and an uneven delivery – even though I like her and want her to stay she has to step up her game, get well and go for it. 


Alaina Whitaker – I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

This is a younger, more lively Carrie Underwood and I like her a LOT!  She’s got a lot of charisma and a solid voice to match.  Definitely one to watch…


Amanda Overmyer – Please Don’t Go

The rocker chick lives and sings the blues!  She’s the authentic one of the bunch and so far is not compromising her sound.  The dark horse of the bunch but she’ll be around for a good long while.  She’s starting to grow on me as well.


Amy Davis – Where the Boys Are

We haven’t seem much of this gal up to now and believe me what I saw tonight was NOT worth waiting for.  She killed this great Sedaka song and NOT in a good way (and she’s no Kim Locke either!).  Gotta give it to Paula for being positive but it won’t be enough to save her.


Brooke White – Happy Together

Far and away a better rendition than last night!  She sounded good, knew how to work the camera and looked like she was having a good time.  She’s another one that’s growing on me and Simon just can’t seem to figure her out — GOOD!


Alexandrea Lushington – Spinning Wheel

WHOA!  She’s quite the performer and she blew the roof off the place!  The vocals suffered in a few places but it didn’t matter – as Randy would say “I was entertained!”  The song is a tough one to interpret but she gave it her all and I think she’ll be around for awhile. Good!


Kady Malloy – Groovy Kind of Love

I like the sultry tone and when she was on, she was really on but there were some definite pitch problems – something tells me it was a bad song choice.  She’s a great vocal mimic and could make a career of just that but I have to agree with Simon about her finding her own sound and shining.  She needs to watch her expressions when reacting to the judges critique because she vacillated between looking like she was going to cry and wanting to punch Simon’s lights out.  I had high hopes for this one but,,, 


Asia’h Epperson – Piece of My Heart

What is it with Joplin this year?  Every gal seems to want to take a crack at her but she did make it her own and just SANG the heck out of it.  Good job and see you next week!


Ramiele Malubay – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

Oh boy, did I like this performance or what!   This child has oodles of talent and knows how to use it.  I agree with Randy – very classy indeed.  She’s got some great vocal qualities and I see some great things ahead for her.  Great big things from such a small package indeed!


Syesha Mercado – Tobacco Road

Tough song for a tough-a** singer – great pipes but can reign them in when needed.  She’s safe to sing another week.


Carly Smithson – The Shadow of Your Smile

She looked sick but except for one place, sure as heck didn’t sound like it.  She reminds me of a young Linda Eder with a touch of Cher’s exotic nature thrown in.  Great rendition of this song and while I can understand some of Simon’s ranting, I think he was just at the end of a long ride on the cranky train this evening. 


The tale of the tape comes tomorrow night — my picks to leave are:


Guys:  Garrett and Colton

Gals:  Amy and Kady





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Notes from the Couch for this first semi-final round:


David Hernandez – The Midnight Hour

It’s really tough for some to go first but not this one – I’ve like this guy since I first saw him.  Powerful tenor voice that can rock without screaming but he blew it at the very end. Too bad – I think his nervousness got the better of him.  Simon sounded like he was eating a little crow on this one after he basically said last week that he wouldn’t go far without a miracle   The song’s arrangement suited his style and I happened to like it, too.    One thing – what’s with the overpowering reverb? 


Chikezie – More Today Than Yesterday

Not sure if it was the song’s bad arrangement or just overwhelming nervousness but he spent the first half of the song under pitch – something no one picked up on.  I liked the tone quality and ease of singing but not the presentation of this song. 


David Cook – Happy Together

Weird hair, strange vocal sound – haven’t figured this one out yet but thank God they didn’t fool around with this song’s character too much!  One of my favs and he  did a decent job on it.  I liked it.  His camera work and mic stand work could make him this year’s Constantine incarnation.


Jason Yeager – Moon River

I love a smooth, effortless male voice and this dude has that in spades.  Started out a little hesitant but came on strong after the key change – could have been too low to start with.  Personally, there are worst things than being called “cruise ship-like” – at least it was a “lounge lizard” impersonation. 


Robbie Carrico – One

Most polished performance of the night – knows how to command a stage.  Soaring tenor with a sparkling tonal quality. 


David Archuletta – Shop Around

This year’s token LDS entrant and a former STAR SEARCH winner.  Most natural performer of the lot and he’s only 17!  I love his soulful voice. This one is a contender for sure and  COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAY!


Danny Noriega – Jailhouse Rock

2 snaps up for this dude – very uninhibited performer.  Interesting song choice that could have backfired but didn’t.  He and David will be competing for the teenage vote for sure. BTW, can you say SANJAYA?  Just watch…


Luke Menard – Everybody’s Talkin’

Lots of tenors this season and this handsome tall drink of iced tea has the sweetest and easy-to -listen-to one.  Great job on this song (can you tell I don’t agree with the judges) with an effortless falsetto – didn’t understand the “pitchy” part.  I think I’ll vote for this boy just b/c Simon dismissed him.  He should stick around and did a LOT better than a few of the others before him. 


Colton Berry – Suspicious Minds

Talk about not connecting with the meaning of the song – that was a “cabaret performance” if I ever saw one.  And the judges LIKED him and not Luke – well, except Simon who is at least honest to admit he only looking for a recording artist. 


Garrett Haley – Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do

Frampton/Leif look-a-like that we haven’t seen much of up to now and with any luck, will be gone after tonight.  Not a great song choice even if he did sound like Sedaka.  I’ll agree with the boring comment.  What get’s me is that they put him through and not Kyle…I don’t get it…


Jason Castro – What a Day for a Daydream

Give the boy credit for bringing his axe on stage for this song – good job with a very familiar old song and boy was a surprised when Simon agreed with me! 


Michael Johns – Light My Fire

OK, Randy compared him with another Aussie Michael Hutchence from INXS and I have to strongly disagree.  He wasn’t all that with the song and I felt he was holding back.  He’ll be around for awhile.


Let’s see how the girls do…

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With the 7th Season of American Idol looming the distance, the Rewind of Season 2 just about to premiere, and other Idol competitions going on continually around the globe, I’ve been doing some thinking about the franchise in general and our version in particular. From what I’ve read, not all Idol competitions are conducted in the same way – for example, contestants in other countries are allowed to play instruments while performing. Also, over the last 6 seasons, there has been a lot of adjustments made in the American format, some good and others not so good.

Since the last season brought much criticism and lower ratings, perhaps this is a good time for the average fan like myself to play “Thursday morning director” and make some suggestions as to how the show can improve before it begins its next outing. Who knows – maybe someone will be listening…?

Here are three suggestions for the honorable producers to consider – if they haven’t already done so:

1) Bring back the Wildcard round!
I believe this step in the competition was used for the first 3 seasons and then dropped in favor of the 12 guys/12 girls elimination. I think it could still be used because it could give one guy and gal, particularly one who may not have gotten a lot of air time up to this point, another chance at the final 12. Remember, if it weren’t for the wildcard, Clay Aiken would never have made the finals in Season 2.

2) Bring back the Guest Judge/Mentor!
I know I’m bias but Barry Manilow is the best example of this. When he was asked to be a judge in Season 3 he asked if he could work with the contestants and the rest is Idol history. However, probably because of Simon’s alleged dislike of guest judges, the mentors only show up to work with the group and then disappear (or reappear on the results show to hawk their new CD). I believe if a mentor has spent time helping the cast, he or she should get a final say on their performance. It also gives the fans another view of the performance, especially during the middle of the season when we are sick of the usual “I’m feeling it, dawg,” “You’re so special” and “You’ll never make it in this competition” type of dribble. A fresh set of ears is a blessing at that point. (BTW, Barry was on Seasons 3 & 5 so that means he should be back again this year – especially if there is a 70’s night! He has proven to be the best mentor on the show.)

3) Give us less bad auditions and more of the Hollywood Rounds!
Last year the producers, in perhaps a drunken stupor, decided to chop up the Hollywood Rounds and condense them into one night because it wasn’t “good TV” – thus not allowing the fans to see more of the talent or back stories of the contestants (a HUGE complaint about Season6 in general). The editors should be able to combine and compile enough film on these rounds to both keep us interested and provide us with the emotional angst to get us behind our favorites. On the flip side, the ever increasing number of bad audition shows really don’t keep fan tuned in the rest of the season because the folks who fancy those episodes are all about watching train wrecks than good singing. The fans who vote passionately are the ones that should be served or they will continue to fall away as they did last season.

Ultimately, the main focus should always be on the contestants and their quest for the title. The more we know about them and their road to Idol, the more invested we become in their outcome. The show has proven that it can produce that type of TV and get both great ratings and loyal viewer. They can do it again. I’m sure of it. Sometimes returning to one’s roots is the best thing.

Now, may some of you out there have your own “three wishes” for the upcoming season so why not share your vision with the rest of us? Let us and TPTB know your concerns and maybe it will help to give Idol the boost it needs going into Season 7. Leave your comments below and let the voice of the people be heard!

Carry on!

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… to BRANDON ROGERS, our first guy who got “das boot” from the competition.  I can’t believe I finally got one right this season — whoo hoo — and I got 2 out of 3 in the bottom three.  Not bad.  I didn’t understand why Phil was down there but I hope it serves as a wakeup call for him to up his game, if he can.

And did I see some relief in poor Sanjaya’s face when he thought he might have a chance at going home?   I’m really feeling for this kid and I must agree with the venerable MJ over at MJ Big Blog — just have some pity VFTW and let the kid go home!

Speaking of that site, I may not agree with their motives but they posted something that I want to share with all of you.  They may be on to something here:


Okay, enough pleasantries.  I am introducing a new feature to Grading The Idols.  It’s called “The Curve.”  I’m sure all of you are familiar with grading on a curve.  It’s not fair to the Idols to be held up to some ridiculous pedestal each and every night.  These people aren’t Stevie, Whitney or Aretha.  They’re semi professional singers that are forced to learn 2-3 new songs each week.  So I’m ignoring how the Idol sings the song weighed against the original.  I’m more concerned with how well they sang their song when weighed against their competitors.  And if they lived up to their own standards.

Simple, huh?

If the three stooges judges could only think and act the same way we might have had a different group of contestants on stage this season.  I might have said here that I felt this year was as bad as Season 3 — well, I’m beginning to think that this year is WORSE than Season 3.  Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong…maybe…eventually…

Carry on and a Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all you Irish and pseudo-Irish out there!

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“Overture!  Dim the lights.  This is it, the night of nights!” Yes, Idolites, NOW it really starts to get interesting!  I always look forward to the REAL singing competition on IDOL and that starts tonight with the Top 12.  They may not all be the best of the best but maybe the regular voters can turn this ship around and start taking this whole thing seriously.  One can only hope.


Well, the dog and I sat through all two hours of this first real show and here’s what we saw from our red leather couch this evening:


Brandon Rogers / Can’t Hurry Love

Ok, the band was a BIT loud on this first number but be that as it may, I just can’t warm up to Brandon as a performer.  The singing was a little shaky in the beginning but his nerves got the better of him and while he did stay on pitch the vocals lacked color and “umph.”  Plus, at this point in the game you can’t go and forget the words, no matter how good you sound.

Might just get “das boot” for his lack of lyric memory.


Melinda Doolittle / Home (THE WIZ)

I’ll go out on a BIG LIMB and say that NO ONE in this competition this year can sell a song like she can!  There is a specialness about the way she translates the lyrics and melody to the listener and she is a sheer joy to listen to!  A true professional already and totally worthy to win this competition.

Very safe and I’ll buy her first CD!!!


Chris Sligh /Endless Love

I’ll give him credit for taking this syrupy, over-sung song and giving it a new vibe.  I may not have liked it but he sang it well and it fit his style.  I hate it when they browbeat the contestants to be “original” and “different” and then slap them down when they do.  He gets props from me and I hope America can at least appreciate his effort.

Shouldn’t go home this week but needs to “play the game” a little more before he can step out and be his original self again. 


Gina Glocksen / Love Child

Good song choice for her and I’m glad she took Diana’s advice with the enunciation, but she was concentrating so hard that the performance suffered a bit. She was a little pitchy at the tippy top but a solid vocal overall. 

Needs all the votes she can get to next week but I think she’ll get them.


Sanjaya Malakar /Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Vocally I thought this was the best rendition of this song done on IDOL in a very LOOOONG time (that’s because most have butchered it in the recent and distant past).  I can see he’s trying to up his performance game but he’s too green in the experience department to play catch up to the others.  He’s definitely a “fish out of water” but he’s so sweet I’m sure some can’t help but root for him. 

He should be put out of his misery and sent home but VFTW is backing him so it may be a few more weeks before that happens and there is enough other deadwood around that could go first.


Haley Scarnato / Missing You

She was doing better than I expected UNTIL she met with the dreaded “forget-the-lyrics-its.”  I didn’t find her pitchy (actually I thought it was the best I’d heard her sing) but I agree with Miss Ross that her voice is more studio than stage worthy.  But the big surprise?  Simon was NICE to her when the others had just trashed her.  Go figure.  BTW, did hell just freeze over?? 

I think she’ll live to sing another day because she was genuinely contrite over her shortcomings. 


Phil Stacey / I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

A little confidence can go a long way and in his case whatever he came away with from his session with Miss Ross helped not only his vocals but his overall performance.  That was the strongest and best I’ve heard him yet in this competition.  I agree with Simon on the screechy glory notes but it was a perfect song choice for him regardless.

Surprisingly safe, I hope.


Lakisha Jones / God Bless the Child

So Kiki’s a helluva jazz singer!  This year is truly going to be the battle of the divas if this keeps up.  I wish I liked her performing style more but there is NO denying the vocals, which were very controlled this week.  Great job.

Look for a solid Top 4 finish, at least. 


Blake Lewis /Keep Me Hangin’ On

A REAL musician — how refreshing — and I thought the updated vibe for this song was killer!  I really liked it.  SHOCKER!  His vocals were solid (when I could hear them clearly but that is the overzealous band once again) even if he was trying to channel MJ there for a bit.  Another slap by the judges for being “original” — I’m just not getting that. 

Has enough fans to weather this week’s bump in the road.


Stephanie Edwards /Love Hangover

Well, she had some fun with that performance — besides which she took Miss Ross’ advice and worked it out well.  My question?  Why slam the child for not singing the disco section when there is only a minute thirty??  I thought she did a fine job and held her own against the other ladies. 

She’s should be safe but the voters are fickle at this point in the competition. 


Chris Richardson / The Boss

Bad song choice — his vocals were too light for the driving disco beat.  I also noticed that the white boy has no rhythm.  Did anyone else catch that?  To me, that was a big old mess and ties for the worst performance of the night.  Simon and I are agreeing more than disagreeing this week — YIKES!  At least I’m feeling validated…

Could I hope for his departure tonight?  Please?


Jordin Sparks / If We Hold on Together

The youngster got the coveted “last song” tonight and while I’m not sure it was the best song choice for her, she sang it quite well and gave a very heartfelt performance.  It was a tad screechy on top (again, the band was louder than they should have been) but her control of dynamics was great for a 17 year old.  She is a serious contender for sure and I love how perky she is without being obnoxious. 

One word: SAFE!


IMHO, my picks for the bottom three are all boys: Chris R, Brandon and Sanjaya with Brandon going home to the Daughtry song tomorrow night.  HOWEVER, two girls might figure into the equation — Stephanie and Haley.  One never knows with the many factors that go into voting these days.  My hope is that the voters remember that this is a SINGING COMPETITION first and foremost and we are trying to find the best overall singer/performer of the bunch.  No other agenda should prevail or this show is in great jeopardy of losing its credibility.  Come on, folks — let’s get real and vote for the best, not the worst.


Catch you after the results — Carry on!


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At least the gals did NOT disappoint tonight, unlike last night’s narcoleptic nightmare known as the Final 8 guys.  It’s shaping up to be a lopsided Top 12 with guys most likely leaving first, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  Let’s see what I saw from my red leather couch on this night of glorious girl singing:


Jordin Sparks / Heartbreaker – Pat Benitar

Give that kid HUGE props!  She can rock on withOUT screaming!  I love it and I love me some Pat Benitar!   She has a power voice yet some great control for one so young. This child is a dark horse and might just make it into the Top 5.  She gets my vote tonight for sure. 

Safe and Top 12 bound!


Sabrina Sloan / Don’t Let Go – En Vogue

Now THAT’S a voice!  It’s a large, controlled instrument that she knows how to use but I will agree that she seems to be holding back a little in the performing department.  Something tells me I should vote for everyone EXCEPT the ones I think should go home tonight.

She should be safe but she may not have as big a following as some others.


Antonella Barba / Put Your Records On – Corrine Bailey Rae

Yes, let’s put those records on to drown her vocals out!  She is clearly out of her league vocally but Simon is right, she has gone as far as she can go in this competition and it would clearly be a shame if she makes it to the Top 12 and a more deserving singer gets “das boot.”

Can we be done with her now?  Send her back to Jersey, please!


Haley Scarnato / If My Heart Had Wings – Faith Hill

A safe, popish song that was most likely intended to show that she sings well but there was no WOW to it.  I didn’t like the song choice either and I usually like Faith Hill.  I haven’t been able to warm up to her style

On the bubble BIG TIME and should go home, IMHO.


Stephanie Edwards /Sweet Thing – Chaka Khan

I saw her nervousness for the first time tonight and that made for a shaky performance.  She’s been solid the last two weeks and this was not the time to make mistakes but she is only 19.  I like her and I hope she has enough support to make it to the Top 12 because she deserves it, unlike some others.

She’s could be on the bubble but I hope not.


Lakisha Jones / I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

What can I say?  She held her own on that BIG signature number and sang it very well without over emoting like some do.  She’s been a lock for the Top 12 since day one so why would she NOT make it?  See you next week, honey!

If she’s not safe, no one is.


Gina Glocksen / Call Me When Your Sober – Evanescence

That WAS edgy but it WAS pitchy in many spots.  Screamers are not my favorites in the competition but she is fun and comfortable in her own skin – an asset for sure.  I’m still not totally sold on her but she is Top 12 worthy.  BTW, I’ve never heard that song before and may not want to again.

Should be safe unless the “VFTW factor” kicks in.


Melinda Doolittle / I’m A Woman – Maria Muldar

She looked and, more importantly, SOUNDED like a winner tonight!  We might just have our Season 6 Idol right here because she IS the complete package and a genuinely nice gal to boot.  Simon is so sold on her and Lakisha it isn’t funny. 

One word: SAFE!


I’ve got to admit that the gals have it all over the guys so the next level of the competition should be very interesting, to say the least.  The cast offs from this week will tell us just what kind of influence VFTW has over this show and if the rest of America can’t compensate for the power voting, then the show and it’s format are in jeopardy.  I’d hate to see that but, perhaps, the producers have brought this on themselves.  More on that later.


So what are my choices for the ever precarious “das boot – ladies’ style?”  Gotta be Antonella and Haley, based solely on vocals and performance.  Anyone else would be a travesty – but then again, that would be in typical and frustrating AI style. 


I can’t wait to see the outcome of this!  Carry on!

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