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First of all, let me congratulate the brave souls who are getting bootleg copies of the show on to the Internet so EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO can view them – not just Canadians! I think it’s not fair that CTV locks out Americans from watching the show, even on their site where they replay the episodes. However, I get a funny feeling that this might be Fremantle’s doing for not wanted ANY competition with AI and that’s just WRONG! What’s the matter? Afraid we might LIKE the Canadian version better?

Well then, be afraid…be VERY afraid…because after watching all the audition episodes and the Top 200 to Top 24 drama — I DO like both the presentation of the show AND the judges better than the American version.

Problem is, it’s hard to find these videos and watch them before someone makes the folks supplying them remove them from view. It took me three tries to find folks who had them up and running and I was just able to finish watching them yesterday afternoon.

Not good if one if trying to be timely with reviews.

So, now that I have some idea of how to find and watch the show, I think I can try and get reviews and comments out at least in the same week of the episode I’m talking about so folks won’t think I’m a total idiot rehashing old news.

Hey, I DO have a real life and job and family and…and…you get the picture…

Anyway, this entry will deal with my impressions of the auditions and what has eventually become the Top 24 for this season. I guess they used to pick only 22 but they rounded up to 24 this year due to a greater talent pool. First, let’s take a look at the auditions — the good, the bad and the truly strange…


Ok, first of all, I think Canada has a far more diverse pool of musical talent than America. Since each province is uniquely different due to the ethnic makeup of its population and it geographic location in the federation the singers are much more varied in their styles and, uh, stage presentations. There were definitely more unpolished contestants trying out and even the number of truly strange auditioners were kept to a respectable minimum. I do have a few questions for those who have been watching this show since the beginning:

  1. Has Ben Mulroney always looked that fine? Ouch! I don’t usually go in for the tall, dark and handsome type but for this dude I’d make an exception. Easier on the eyes and ears than Seacrest.
  2. Does everyone in Canada know how to play the guitar? I never saw so many guitarists and potential string strummers in all my days. Most were pretty good. Others, well…
  3. I didn’t realize that Calgary was so cowboy – or for that matter — that there is more of a cultural melting pot in the federation than in the states. For a while there, I was having a little problem with all the accents — and there wasn’t an “eh” in the bunch. Again, another lesson in diversity.
  4. Are the judges always that helpful and accommodating to the contestants? Yes, they were firm when they needed to be but they were always respectful and seemed to want the singers to do their best. I was also surprised at the number of returning wannabees and that two of them actually made the Top 24 after a few tries – and the judges were thrilled with that. Somehow I can’t imagine our Idol Troika being that “kinder and gentler” during our auditions. Or our auditions being more about finding talent than showcasing musical train wreaks. What a difference a country makes.

Let me stop here and when I return I’ll give my opinions on the Top 24 and their chances for making it to the Top 12 – Or is it Top 10? Someone fill me in on that. I don’t want to assume it’s the same as the States. In either case, this should be an exciting musical summer up north and for those of us IDOL fans who will even watch Pinoy Idol videos during the off-season… but that’s another rant for another time.

Carry on!


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